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Jake and Samantha: New Years part 1 (G/t)
Jake laid on his back contently watching TV and once in a while peering back down at his chest and seeing Sam resting comfortably underneath his hand. It had been almost a week since Christmas and in that time the two had become inseparable though they did sleep clothed, Jake would sleep without a shirt so he can feel Sam on his bare skin. Truth be told he loved it when she would lay on his chest, feeling her hair brush against him and he loved it when she would walk on his pecs. Sam would worry she was hurting Jake or even bothering him but he adored it, loving the feeling of her tiny toes especially the other day when she accidently pushed the bottom of her soles against the base of his nipple.
He smiled and exhaled happily causing Sam to stir a bit as her eyes fluttered from her slumber, looking up at Jake's giant smile she couldn't help but grin and bury her face into his skin, kissing it. "Afternoon sweetie." Jake grinned feeling her kiss, letting his hand up as she tried to stand
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Jake and Samantha: Christmas Surprise 3/3 (G/t) :iconjj36008:JJ36008 5 3
Mature content
Jake and Samantha: Christmas Surprise 2/3 (G/t) :iconjj36008:JJ36008 6 5
Mature content
Jake and Samantha: Christmas Surprise 1 of 3 (G/t) :iconjj36008:JJ36008 5 2
Mature content
Jake and Samantha: Halloween (G/t) :iconjj36008:JJ36008 5 3
Jake and Samantha: A new beginning (G/t)
Samanatha was crying, she had never learned the truth of her fathers death and the revelation shook her to the core. Jake had lived with them, he cared for her and was so loving and was going to become a member of their family and the thought of what he did to the three man flashed through her head.
Another memory flashed through her mind, her fathers funeral. She looked around seeing her mother sobbing, other family members the mood was so somber and there stood Jake, his normal, happy mood gone, replaced by sadness.  She snapped out of it, her cheeks covered in tears and turned towards her mother.
Heather, who was also holding back tears, comforted her daughter in her arms. "Ssshhhh, it's ok honey." She held her close to her before Sam slowly pulled away. "Why did you never tell me this?"  Her mother frowned, "Sweetie, everything was so painful you blocked out most of your memories, I was afraid if I told you." Sam sit in silence for a moment.
"Jake....he killed those men..
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Mature content
Jake and Samantha: Flashback (G/t) :iconjj36008:JJ36008 3 28
Jake and Samantha: Birthday Party (G/t)
"JAKE!" Samantha's voice nearly squeaked when she saw him, her heart fluttering she ran up to the side of the house, staring up. "Hey sweetie. Mind if I join the party?" He let out a small chuckle so deep that it shook her insides a bit, with her motioning him to come over he stepped around the side of the house.
Cutting through the side yard, he watched to make sure he didn't step on the cute picket fence, he carefully planted his sneaker down into the backyard which resulted in a gentle FWUMP, causing her cousins to stare in awe at the colossus before them.
Heather just chuckled, "Come on in Jake, plenty of room. Here, got a nice spot for you." She directed him to the small wooded area that bordered their backyard. A thick oak tree stood in the middle as he sit in front of it to support him, before them a 25 foot behemoth sit cross legged, his tight black shirt showed off his defined upper body while the silky black shorts that barely contained his legs ruffled in the breeze,
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Jake and Samantha: Memories and a Promise. (G/t)
"Mrs. Biggs!" his voiced cracked as Samantha looked up at him at back at her mom in confusion. "You know my mom?" She stared at him waiting for a response as he stared at her mother.
Heather...Heather Biggs. I remember her. More memories flooded Jake's mind, the pain, the suffering when his body became what it is now. He remembered...Dan, her husband, he was so nice to me when I was growing up he helped me so much but what...what happened to -
Another memory flashed, gun fire, screaming, yelling, glass shattering. Pain, anger, sadness, death and destruction. He snapped back and shook his head. "Jake?" he looked down at Sam's longful eyes, still expecting his response.
"Oh, well....she's a friend on my Facebook page." He was lying of course though he was hoping she would buy into the fib as Sam looked back at her mother.
"Mom? You have Facebook?" She sounded skeptical at first. "I didn't even knew you had one and you didn't even friend your own daughter?" Sam sounded a bit annoye
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Jake and Samantha: First Day of School. (G/t)
Samantha was in shock, here she was on her first day back to school and riding on the palm of the guy she has had a crush on since she was a child.  Though as he walked outside into the courtyard something seemed vaguely familiar about the whole experience.  "Ummm, hi?" she looked up confused "Where to first?" he grinned, knowing she must be enjoying the warmth of her palm.
"Oh, oh, sorry" she blushed heavily. "World History which is...uh..." she looked around for the map the school provided for her. "Oh I know where that is, hold on." She suddenly shifted in his hand as he began his trek to the north wing, holding his tiny passenger as she peered over the edge to see him walk.
It was an amazing sight, each foot fall causing her body to tremble, the effect was wondrous, looking down he smiled while he made his way across the lawn of the school. The way it was built was unique, an almost perfect ring shaped school with a massive courtyard in the middle for students to sit and
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Jake and Samantha: Samantha's intro. (G/t)
Little Samantha Biggs funneled into the auditorium like the rest of the students, luckily there was no seating arrangements so she quickly scurried to the dark corner in the back, wanting to be away from the people around her and hoping they would leave her alone.
Another year, another year of teasing. She thought to herself as she plopped into her seat and listened to Mr. McVickers start to drone on and on and on and on.....
Oh damn, shut up! She screamed in the back of her mind. She had heard of a special guest but it didn't matter, she actually was excited to be in school though for the first time, simply because of the name, 'Jake Smalls High School'.
She sighed quietly to herself, being 17 she had romantic fantasies and for as long as she remembered she had a crush Jake since the first time she encountered him. When she was 8, her parents took her into town for a new dress when she saw him for the first time. At the time he was only 10 feet tall but to her tiny frame
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Jake and Samantha: Jake's intro. (G/t)
Jake Smalls seemed like he was your typical everyday young man, 24 years old and fresh out of college he was the pride and joy of his small community of Silver Town, a rural town near the Appalachia Mountains. Everyone knew him growing up, he was always helpful to everyone and was revered almost as a superhero-type figure to anyone come across but there are a few differences though.
One is that he is very strong and pretty well built and cut, nothing like a professional bodybuilder but could still put them to shame plus there was one big difference from other the other people of his community, well two actually but the one thing that made him different was that he was invulnerable to pain.
To compare him to a superhero was premature, sure he was strong but even he had limits plus he wasn't faster than a speeding bullet and didn't want to try to leap a building in a single bound and sure as hell didn't have heat ray or X-ray vision. The way he found out he was indestructible was when he
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The giant on the cliff.
The giant sat on the edge of the cliff looking out upon the small town.  A tear ran down his right cheek, he had been fed up with everything and he came here to think and be alone.
He knew he should try to be happy but he just couldn't do it, he became reclusive and hateful of people though they tried to be nice to him.  He felt alone though some of his family was there for him but he still felt alone.  He had tried to find love but after being used by one over a decade before he became distrustful.
He tried to find someone but he was self concious and some women just showed no interest.  There was one small man he met online who wasn't scared of his size and in fact loved him for who he was.  Sadly the giant was half a world away from his tiny admirer and it burned in his mind, "Another reason." He thought to himself.
He sat there for a bit longer before looking down below at the drop before him he sniffled and more tears rolled down his cheek.  He though
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Father and Son (G/t story)
The small boy scurried, his footfalls silenced by the thick carpet as tears continued to well up in his eyes.  He slowly pushed the thick door to his father's room open.
His eyes caught the sillouhete of his father in the dark laying in his custom bed.  His name was Elias and to his son, Lee, he was a super hero in every sense of the word.  He had dark hair and dark eyes, a very bushy, dark beard with sideburns.  He was pretty well built too, not massive like a bodybuilder but his chest and abs were chiseled covered in hair.  In some respects he could be the living incarnation of Paul Bunyan.
Lee cautiously approached his father for fear of upsetting him even though he was told multiple times by Elias that he wouldn't get angry.  To Lee though he was always cautious though he knew his father loved him there was one huge feature about Elias, he stood at a staggering height of 11'8".
Elias was a true wonder of medical science for a man his size should not be
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Matthew and Mina: The beginning of a new family.
The sound of birds chirping outside had awoken Matthew, his eyes groggily opened and looked down in his arms and saw the petite frame of Angel curled up asleep.  A smile formed on the edge of his mouth and exhaled happily through his nose causing the tiny form below to stir.
Angel yawned and looked up at Matthew's shimmering eyes, her heart melted and body quivered at his gaze.  It has been a few months since they reconnected in the park and both had grown extremely fond of each other.  While they had decided to take things slow they did spend the weekends together.
There biggest concern however was the children and though they did get along their biggest concern was getting used to them as a couple.  Mina had enthusiastically embraced it and enjoyed hanging around Angel and looking up at her as a big sister but at times she did consider her like a mother.
Mina had fallen and skinned her knee while Matthew was at work one time and Angel immediately scooped her up in
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Mature content
Kiki and her 'Daddy' (possible one shot) :iconjj36008:JJ36008 1 0


Fice Manu by Juacamo Fice Manu :iconjuacamo:Juacamo 35 27
Daddy Issues GT
I gasped as my father pushed me hard against the wall, his forearm pushing against my throat. I whimpered, clawing at his arm, tears pooled in my eyes, "What the hell is wrong with you?" He screamed.
I choked out a sob, leaning away from him. I had snuck into the food stash, I couldn't help it. It felt like my stomach was eating itself. "I-I'm s-sorry. Please, father-" I whimpered, tears freely streaming down my cheeks.
My father cut me off with a harsh slap, "You are no son of mine," He growled, I didn't look at him, I just sobbed harder, "You're nothing but a disappointment, a little bitch." I didn't disagree.
He grabbed me by my collar making me squeak in alarm, trying to squirm free. He opened the door that lead out of the walls, I gasped struggling more. My father easily threw my petite form out of the door, I winced as I landed on my side. I quickly regained my senses and made a break for the door only to have it slammed in my face.
I clawed at the door desperate to get in, I nee
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In A Bit Of A Jam..
Life with Martin, let's just say, was definitely not easy. To say anything else would have been a blatant lie.
Rusu woke up many times during the night, shivering and screaming from the nightmares plaguing her  of her time in the human pet store and the days where giants had taken over.
Her worst fears revolved around giants, but yet she was living with one.
This one though,she knew would never even dream of hurting her, nor would he ever let anything bad happen to her. Yet, that didn’t take away the trepidation and the fear that came with living with one of your greatest fear..
If that made any sense at all.
She loved Martin of course, no question about it, but he could come off as intimidating and terrifying at times, though never meaning to.
Simple actions he did in his everyday life, terrified Rusu endlessly.
Things you would never expect to cause any damage, affected her greatly. Even walking seemed to shake her and cause her to tumble, his foot steps like massive earth
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Rescued ~
The sounds of the forest had finally hushed, the quiet a calm welcome to the first star of the indigo hued sky.
Liam Barker had just started an energetic fire in the stone circle of his campsite. A gentle breeze blew the flame’s smoke across his sun-tanned face, causing his glassy blue eyes to water. The young man coughed as the stuff filled his throat. In the process of choking, his shaggy blond hair fell out of its proper place, covering his face.
The coughing subsided, so he pushed his bangs back, their length just enough to tuck behind his right ear.
Brushing the back of his hand against his firm jaw line, Liam felt the light stubble on his chin, the result of his weekend camping trip. Tonight, he planned to go night fishing. Supposedly, the largest fish in the lake came up from the depths at dusk.
With that thought in his mind, Liam packed his fishing gear by the light of the campfire.
When the flames resorted to glowing coals, the high school junior found his lantern and he
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Pierce and Berlynn ~ Three
The week passed by, and Berlynn did her best to avoid any contact with giants. And so far, it was working! She sat in the back of all her classes, avoided the catwalk parallel to the enormous corridors, and ate lunch outside of the cafeteria, in the human hallway.
But as fate would have it, she was going to have to interact with the giants sooner or later. On this particular Monday, the second week of school, everyone was called to a meeting in the homeroom right before lunch break.
Berlynn nervously seated herself in the back as usual, watching the distant stage ahead, where the school principal, a giant named Roy, was adjusting his tie.
“Hello students.” He started, dropping his hands to the surface of the podium. Even that mundane gesture created a thud that rattled Berlynn’s eardrums, causing her to look around at the faces of her fellow humans. They all seemed tired and bored, as though unaffected by this.
“You’re just overreacting,” she thought
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The Start Of Something New : Part 2
Note: Read the first part of this story before proceeding ,if u have not read the first link is in description, this will be confusing if u have not read it first.
It was a long and disturbingly quiet ride home...
The awkward silence that passed over the three occupants in the car was thick enough to cut with a knife.
No one dared to say a word, the situation was weird enough.
Martin couldn’t help but spare a few glances down at his tiny fiancé, trying his best not to stare the poor dear was skittish enough as it was.
Jake on the other hand found himself staring long and hard at her whenever he stopped at a red light, his eyes constantly shifting from the road to his best friends hands in bewildered amazement.
Jake knew he was always tall, I mean hell he was probably one of the tallest guys around town and that was saying something when you were in a world full of giants
But this
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The Start Of Something New : Part 1
“Bored.. bored.. bored...”
Sighing heavily, Rusu buried her head into her arms, while resting them on the surface of the cold, wooden table. Her, long brown hair rolled like a waterfall across her shoulders, hiding her face effectively.
This amusing sight tickled Martin, her fiancé, who was sitting on the opposite side of the table. He chuckled softly as he looked at his bride-to-be, pouting like a little child.
Taking a sip of his tea, he gave her an amused snort. “When are you NOT bored again?”
Glaring at him (affectionately, of course) Rusu looked up from the table, her long brown hair cascading over her right eye, covering it, as she tried her best to seem annoyed with him.
As usual, that was impossible to achieve. One look at Martin's big, sky blue eyes, made Rusu’s own bright green ones, in turn, shine with tender love for the dopey boy.
“..I swear I hate you.” She managed a weak grin, unable to keep up the pouty routine for too long
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Strongly Photogenic by Saxxon Strongly Photogenic :iconsaxxon:Saxxon 101 10
Strange Awakenings
Aaron's head was swimming with strange dreams. 
His eyes fluttered open. Blue and bleary, they blinked a few times in the golden sunlight. The air was sticky with heat, meaning he hadn't been out long. He had set out not long after lunch, hiking out past the muddy river to find… What had he been looking for again? 
He only made it halfway before realizing he was not alone. His breath caught in his throat. On all side, tiny people were stood around him. At least two dozen. Maybe more, if they were hiding. Women, men, children, all wearing strange ragged clothing and tribal paint on their face. Wings like insects of all sorts protruded from their backs, occasionally fluttering a few inches from the ground. 
A shout stuck in his throat like a great lump as he looked about him. They were so little! The tallest of them was no bigger than his first finger, but they outnumbered him easily. Every gaze was fixed on him, whispering in hushed voices. He felt frozen in
:iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 17 1
Mature content
Band Practice - Part 4 :iconcommandlz:commandlz 58 52
[Comm] Back Home by angelgts [Comm] Back Home :iconangelgts:angelgts 709 116 Hand hug by LilyFluffLoveNaga Hand hug :iconlilyflufflovenaga:LilyFluffLoveNaga 31 37 Highschool 3 by giorunog Highschool 3 :icongiorunog:giorunog 221 27 Handheld ID by Nicole08196 Handheld ID :iconnicole08196:Nicole08196 66 29
Mature content
Clash of the TITans :iconfitzbattleaxe:Fitzbattleaxe 69 18
Oscar Meets Jacob
There was nothing interesting on TV, but that didn’t really come as a surprise. Jacob didn’t watch a lot of television, and decent movies were tough to find on the channels offered by the kinds of small-town motels he chose on his frequent road trips. They went for basic, and that was always hit-or-miss.
Not that Breckenridge was particularly small. Jacob had chosen a little motel in the summer, however, a time when business in an area known for skiing could take a dip. Mountains stood tall and proud against the sky out the window while he lounged on the bed. It was a good place to stop and rest, even with the tacky decorations and worn-down character of the place.
While he settled on a channel showing old cowboy movies, Jacob mused about staying an extra day in Breckenridge. He could wander around and enjoy the mountain air, and the jagged horizon that stood tall and stoic all around. It contrasted with his usually endless horizon view back in Iowa, where the sky was a dom
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Jake laid on his back contently watching TV and once in a while peering back down at his chest and seeing Sam resting comfortably underneath his hand. It had been almost a week since Christmas and in that time the two had become inseparable though they did sleep clothed, Jake would sleep without a shirt so he can feel Sam on his bare skin. Truth be told he loved it when she would lay on his chest, feeling her hair brush against him and he loved it when she would walk on his pecs. Sam would worry she was hurting Jake or even bothering him but he adored it, loving the feeling of her tiny toes especially the other day when she accidently pushed the bottom of her soles against the base of his nipple.

He smiled and exhaled happily causing Sam to stir a bit as her eyes fluttered from her slumber, looking up at Jake's giant smile she couldn't help but grin and bury her face into his skin, kissing it. "Afternoon sweetie." Jake grinned feeling her kiss, letting his hand up as she tried to stand. "Morning Jake....wait, did you say afternoon?!" He chuckled and nodded, "What time is it?" Sam looked around to see the time and noticed it was nearly 3:00. "Jake, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to sleep so long, we have so much to do today..." Jake just chuckled and brought his forefinger to her, gently shushing her and calming her nerves. "It's ok sweetie, we have plenty of time today, all we are going to do is walk around town and show up at the ball dropping ceremony."

Sam had been looking forward to today for a few days now, spending the new year with her gigantic boyfriend she was ecstatic. She had never really celebrated New Years Eve the last couple of years though she had memories of spending time with Jake when she was much younger though that was different. Now she was his tiny girlfriend, waiting on her hand and foot, holding her and carrying her, the thought of laying on him alone sent goosebumps up her arm. She nodded and smiled, kissing his forefinger as he lowered her to the ground.

"You go ahead and get dressed and I'll go get freshened up, then we'll hit the town." He winked causing her hear to flutter with excitement, taking off to her room and quickly grabbing a shower she dressed in a pink t-shirt and jeans. She came out and saw Jake standing there ready, dressed in a grey t-shirt and his black sweats Sam couldn't help but admire his size as she noticed his custom made white Nikes. She was lifted to Jake's waiting chest, holding her against him as they head out to enjoy the rest of the unseasonably warm day.

They both enjoyed their company as they walked into town, dropping off Sam at a local market she brought out some home made fried chicken that Jake had ordered the day before and went to the park, sitting down cross legged he sat Sam on his thigh as they enjoyed a lovely dinner and enjoyed the view. Sam looked up and saw Jake take a small chicken leg in between his massive fingers and gently bit down on it causing her to giggle, the sight reminding her of the Nutty Professor movie when Eddie Murphy's character was a giant. They finished up and sat there for a bit longer when they heard a gentle sobbing, both Jake and Sam looked at each other curiously and searched for the source and came across a woman with her small child who was crying.

"What's wrong little one?" Jake bent down to the small girl who looked to be around eight as her mother consoled her. "It's her cat, Puffs, she brought it to the park and it ran up that tree over there and we can't get to it." The girls mother pointed to a large oak tree on the outskirts, as she did Jake squinted his eyes and sure enough saw the tiny kitten in the tree. "Awwww, hold on." Jake smiled and put Sam down by his feet as she gazed upon her as he walked over the trio and over to the tree, bending down he looked and saw the tiny cat back up and hissing at him. "Come here kitty, it's ok I won't hurt you." Jake reached in as Sam, the girl and her mother watch the tree shake a bit before Jake turned back, one of his hand covering the other as he brought it down to the girl.

"Here you go, nice and safe." Jake opened his hands as the tiny kitten stood in his massive palm, the girl reached climbed up on his hand and picked up the kitten. "Thanks Mr. Giant." Jake chuckled and smiled, "Call me Jake." The girls mother smiled and rubbed her little girls hair before looking up to Jake. "Thank you so much, Puffs means a lot to her." "No problem at all, just happy to help." Jake reached down and scooped up Sam in his palm and brought her to his chest before heading off. Sam looked up and patted his chest, "That was sweet of you Jake." He looked down and smiled, his forefinger coming down and stroking her hair causing her to shake a bit at the knees. Sam clutched his finger and kissed the tip, letting out a small moan as they approached town square for the New Year's party.

While it was still a few hours away Jake thought he could help out the town workers in getting ready, sitting down Sam he smiled and stood back to his full height. "I'm going to help them out sweetie, if you want you can do some shopping." Sam happily nodded as she took off down the sidewalks of main street causing Jake to chuckle, turning back as he clapped his hands together, causing everyone to stop. "Oops, sorry guys." He blushed, "So what's first?" A couple of hours went by as Sam visited every shop on main street, picking up a few things here and there while Jake was taking down the Christmas decorations and putting them out of the way in a side street nearby that know one used and moving stuff around to get the crowds ready.

Things were going by smoothly, that was until Sam walked out of the last shop and tripped causing her bags to tumble onto the sidewalk. She looked around, thinking she fell over something but what she saw caused her blood to run cold a bit. "Hey runt." It was Maxine Lorde or as they called her in school, Maximum, because of her height. She could be considered an amazon, 6'6" tall, nearly two hundred pounds and showing muscle even some of the players of the football team were frightened of her. Standing on either side of her was Anna and Emma, the Helm twins who were amazons in their own right with a gymnast build but each were 6'2". Sam looked up at the three and shook a bit as Maxine bend down to her.

"Watch where you're going you little bug." Sam backed up a bit afraid of what Maxine would do, even though she had never done anything physical but her demeanor and stature made her more intimidating and it didn't help the fact that the two never got along, but today Sam was having none of it. "I wasn't in your way" Sam knew her insult didn't make since but the fact that she talked back to Maxine caused her to gather up more courage. The amazon laughed with the twins following in succession, "You can't even insult people right runt, why don't run along back to your monster." Instantly Sam's mind snapped a bit, she gritted her teeth and drew her fist angry at the insult to Jake, "He's not a monster, he's my boyfriend and you're just jealous that he doesn't give a damn about a tall, ugly, misshappened troll like you." The twins stopped laughing as Maxine reached down and grabbed Sam by the throat and started to lift her to her face which was twisted in anger and rage, "Troll? You ignorant, tiny, bug of a bitch!"

Sam was worried now, she had never seen Maxine this mad and she was having trouble breathing, reaching in her bag she felt around and grabbed a small snow globe that she had put in there to hide from Jake to give to him as a present at the stroke of midnight. She grasped it and with all her might brought it out and swung, smashing it across Maxine's face as the glass ripped into her cheek causing her to drop Sam. Landing on her butt she looked up as blood pooled on Maxine's face, realizing what she done Sam quickly took off. "Get that bitch!." Maxine yelled as she and the twins took after her, people moving out of the way of Sam as they watched three tall girls in hot pursuit. Quickly Sam rounded a corner and was stopped by an 8 foot tall plastic Santa, it was the dead end street that Jake was piling up the Christmas decorations in and it was completely filled with no where to go. Sam turned and before she could run Maxine and the twins rounded the corner and stopped dead in their tracks.

Maxine's face bled from the glass, her fist's clutched in rage as the Helm twins were grinning and cracking their knuckles, making their way down the street. "You stupid, dumb ass, BITCH!!!!" Maxine's voice echoed and caused Sam to back up, she closed her eyes out of fear and began to sob but she decided that she was going to fight. Sam took a step as both Maxine and the Helm sisters stopped, their faces turned white causing Sam to wonder what was going on, before she could think she heard a crunching sound and turned to her right to see a large shoe coming down on a sleigh that as nearby. She was in awe as it disappeared under the shoe, the sound of wood breaking echoed while on her left another shoe smashed down on the plastic Santa, crunching it flat.

Quickly Sam looked up and saw the underside of Jake as he bent down he had heard the argument and stepped over a building from behind the street, his feet planted on either side of her like an animal protecting it's young. She watched as Jake's face became level with the three now seemingly tiny amazons, his face red with anger, teeth gritting. "Back off you little BITCHES!!!" As Jake said that, spittle flew out of his mouth, covering the three as Sam ran up to his face, putting her tiny hands on his cheek. "Jake no, don't it's ok, they didn't hurt me." But Jake didn't hear, his left hand balled into a fist as his right grasped the side of a building with such force that the brick and mortar was being pulverized. "Jake please it's ok, don't do anything please." Sam pleaded with Jake but it seems like his anger was getting the best of him but quickly his attention was turned to a figure to the trio's right.

"Hold it boy!." It was Sheriff Roy Lorde, Maxine's father who was more stubby, only 5'3" and overweight it was heard to tell that Maxine was his father but he took great pride in her even though she did degrade him. Roy pointed his revolver at Jake who quickly calmed down, but not because of Roy pointing his gun scaring him, more it was the thought that he thought it was pathetic that Roy was defending his brat of a daughter. "Well well, it's Roy." The sound of a gun hammer being cocked could be heard, "That's Sheriff Lorde to you boy." Jake leaned towards him filling his field of view, "Go on Roy....shoot. Let's see what happens next." Roy's hands were shaking, the gun nearly fumbling out of his hand as he lowered the weapon, covered in sweat he nearly passed out as the vision of Jake's angry face filled him with dread.

"Let me tell you something Roy, if I ever, ever, EVER see that brat raise a hand to Sam again I will personally make you suffer....DO YOU HEAR MEEEEEE!!!!" Jake's voice reverberated through the town, causing everyone to stop in their tracks as they ran down main street to see the commotion. Roy pissed himself a bit as Maxine passed out, the Helm sisters catching her as Jake looked around at them then to the gathering crowd of townsfolk. Slowly his breathing calmed, his unfurled his fist and took away his hand from the other building as a bit collapsed onto the street. He turned down to see Sam, her tiny hand on his cheek his heart sank a bit and quickly scooped her up and brought her to his chest. "Come on sweetie, I think we should go."

Sam didn't argue and looked down at the sight below, Sheriff Lorde looking up in awe as Maxine was being fanned by the twins, she could hear the commotion at Jake's feet as the crushed debris that was smashed to the bottom of his shoes fell to the ground. He walked past the crowd and stopped, "Fred?" Jake was referring to the city manager of the town as he approached. "Sorry about the mess Fred, I'll be back in the next few days to clean up the mess and pay for the damages." Fred just nodded as Jake went to leave, a small voice called to him. "Please don't go Mr. Jake, stay here with us." It was the little girl from the park earlier, her tiny plea made him stop for a moment but he lowered his head, seeing Sam in his hand he stroked her causing her to grip his finger and hug it. He turned back to the girl, "Maybe next year little one."

Jake sniffled a bit and went on his way, the sound of his booming footsteps getting fainter as he walked out into the distance as the crowd milled and dispersed a bit. A local paramedic looked at Maxine who had some glass fragments and cuts but was otherwise fine, but as Roy looked on he noticed the townsfolk giving him a stare....a mean, hateful stare. A majority of the town had not cared much for Roy because of his daughter and didn't care much for his attitude but they tolerated him, but this incident made them even more angrier. Most of the crowd felt as if Jake was driven away by Roy unnecessarily and felt that the father/daughter pair should have been the ones leaving. "Oh shit, what did I do?" Roy mumbled, knowing that his chances for re-election was now shot and turned his attentions towards his daughter, now feeling a bit of disgust in her for the first time.

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Sam was shaking nervously being carried into Jake's custom bathroom in his massive hands and leaning up against his chest. With each step her body shook from the vibration as the bathroom came into view, it looked so much different from this vantage point and noticed how normal it looked. "I'm going to set you down sweetie so I can get the bath ready." Sam's eyes locked onto his as he set her down on the bathroom sink counter, "Bath?"

Her mouth was agape at the thought as Jake chuckled, "Of course sweetie, if you don't mind? If you want to go to your bathroom I understand." Sam shook her head, "No it's fine, it's just..." Sam became speechless at the thought of taking a bath with Jake and saw his smile which melted her heart. "Be right back." He turned and was in awe at the sight of Jake's massive shoulders and muscular back as more of him came into view, bending down to turn on the faucet her eyes became big as saucers seeing Jake's bubble butt stick straight up.

He was oblivious of the commotion he was causing with Sam, her knees began to weaken and her heart palpitated and she felt very odd. There was a sensation in the pit of her stomach and she felt strange below, quickly though she snapped out of it as he turned back and saw him full frontal. "Sorry sweetie, guess I gave you quite a show huh?" He winked and chuckled seeing her shake, "Uh, are you washing your clothes too?" Sam looked confused and realized that she was still fully dressed and starting to blush profusely.

"Oh, well um..." Sam couldn't get the sentence out and Jake just chuckled, "Don't worry sweetie, if you want I'll turn my back." He turned around, "Just tell me when you are ready." Sam nervously took off her clothing, finally taking off her bra and panties she covered up what she could and cleared her throat. "I-I-I'm ready." Jake turned back and saw her before him, shaking a bit nervously and trying to cover up what she could. Jake's massive hand came down and gently scooped her up, she let out a small yelp and became crimson red.

"Sorry Jake." He chuckled, "It's ok." He brought her to his chest and put one leg into the massive tub, looking down at her and smiled, "Ready?" Sam nodded as he brought his second leg in and slowly began to sit, Jake letting out small moans as the heat of the water felt good. Finally sitting down the water came up to his chest, he brought Sam up to his left pec, her body submerged up to her neck as she sat on the massive muscle.  Slowly Sam began to feel more at ease being naked around Jake and slowly uncovered herself submerged in the comfortable water.

"Comfy?" He winked and she sheepishly nodded, "It's amazing Jake." She looked up smiling and let out a little giggle, loving the heat of the water and the feel of Jake's muscle below on the soles of her feet. "Hold on sweetie, I have to do something." Sam looked confused and Jake's head slowly began to lower, her eyes widen as Jake slowly began to dip below the water and disappeared. "Jake? Jake?" Sam began to worry but soon his head popped up out of the water, like a Great White Shark jumping for a seal and shaking his head.

"WHOA!!!! That felt great!" Sam was taken back a bit at the sudden movement and let out a small yelp but giggled when Jake reemerged, she wanted to do the same but looking down at the water below she began to get nervous. Sam was still not very comfortable around water and Jake could sense it, "Sam? Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you. I promise." His smile melted her heart and she felt his hand up against her back and slowly lowered it, sensing herself going back she looked up nervous.

"Shhhhhh, don't be afraid." Sam nodded and quickly she began to be dunked under the water resting up against Jake's hand, she resisted the urge to flail when she felt it all go away and was back upright with Jake's hand steadying her. She coughed a bit, looking up at his warm smile she felt better and knew that would be safe with him. "Better?" She nodded and blushed, looking down at her feet a bit embarrassed he couldn't help but chuckle.

"Awwwww, you look so cute." He winked and it melted her heart, she looked past his feet and saw the vast tub before her and shook again with nervousness. Jake felt bad, Sam was so nervous around him but he thought it was so incredibly cute but at the same time he realized that she was still afraid of the water.

"Sam? Do you trust me?" Sam looked back and nodded and held out his hand before her, looking up at him confused. "Lay down face first on my palm sweetie, trust me." She was nervous and quickly nodded, unsure of what he was doing she quickly realized though her tiny derriere was sticking up and tried to cover, Jake just chuckled. "Calm down sweetie, you are going to need your hands. Now, have you ever seen a dog swim?" Sam turned back up to him confused, "Yeah?" "I want you to do the same, trust me it'll be ok. Just put your hands up and kick your legs."

Sam shook a bit, quickly she began to kick her legs and her dainty hands began to move but before long she stopped. "I'm sorry Jake, it's just too scary." Jake felt bad for making her do it but he was determined to get Sam over her fear, "Don't be scared, my hand will be there. Now try again sweetie." She nervously nodded and began again and started to propel herself outwards in the water. "I'm doing it!" She exclaimed happily which caused Jake to smile. "Keep going sweetie, all the way to the end of the tub."

The entire time Sam was swimming Jake's massive hand shadowed her below, making sure she was safe as she reached the faucet of the tub and smiled. "I did it! I did it!" Jake felt so happy for her, "Ok sweetie, now swim back to me." Once again Jake's hand shadowed her underneath as she came back to Jake and stopped right past his knee caps, bringing his hand up she felt her feet land on the palm of his hand and looked up blushing. "Thank you Jake, I didn't think I could do it." Jake just smiled, "I knew you could, now lets try normal swimming."

Sam's eyes widened again and looked down nervously, "Well, um..." She bit her lip and Jake felt a bit worried that he was pushing her but she looked up at him and began to lay down again on his palm. "I'm ready Jake." Her voice cracked a bit out of nervousness but she wanted to learn so badly and Jake instructed her. "Ok sweetie, now when you swim extend your arms and kick your legs and don't worry, my hand will be down below." Sam nodded but she felt too nervous, "Jake I can't."

He smiled, "Yes you can, tell you what just close your eyes and let your instinct take over and I'll make sure you will be ok." Sam nodded and closed her eyes and starting to extend out her arms, at first it she didn't think it was working but soon she felt herself being propelled. "I'm doing it! I'm really doing it!" Jake smiled, "Yes you are sweetie, keeping going, you're doing great." Sam was so excited she picked up the pace and soon felt the smooth surface and realized she reached the end of the tub, turning back to Jake and smiled. "I did-"

Her sentence was cut short when she realized that both of his arms were up on the tub, looking down she noticed she was floating on her own and began to breathe hard. "Shhhhhhh, it's ok Sam. Sam? Calm down sweetie, look you did it all by yourself." Sam slowly began to calm down and realized that she was floating on her own, "Jake, did I just?" Jake nodded, "All by yourself." He lowered his hands in the water and opened them as if to pick her up.  "Now swim back to me."

Sam smiled and began to swim back towards Jake's extended hands and warm smile, picking up the pace Sam quickly closed the gap towards Jake. Passing his feet and his legs she looked down and noticed his lap below and blushed, looking back up his hands were so close, she swam her little heart out until she reached his hand and he scooped her up. "You did it!" Sam smiled and laughed, "I did, thank you Jake." As he brought her forward to his smiling face Sam leaped forward and planted a small kiss on his plush lips, pressing her tiny, naked body against him.

Her eyes opened and realized that she was naked on his palm and kissing him, pulling back her face was crimson and she tried to cover up. "I-I-I'm sorry Jake, I didn't mean to-" Jake just chuckled, "It's ok sweetie." He leaned forward as his lips covered her tiny body and gently inhaled, causing a small moan to escape her lips. After a few moments of pure bliss, Jake pulled back and saw Sam shaking and brought her down to the water again.

"Well sweetie perhaps you should get clean then we can get dried off." Sam nodded as Jake brought a large sliver of soap down to her as she covered her body with her hands but she gasped when she felt something on her back, turning back she saw Jake's finger tip gently massaging her shoulders with soap. "Sorry sweetie, I'll stop." Sam shook her head, "No Jake, it's fine." Her smile put him at ease as he continued to lather up her shoulders, working down her back he felt her shiver and stopped short of her tiny butt and gently his fingertips gently lathered them, causing her to gasp. Jake started to pull away when Sam looked back at him, "Don't stop."

Her eyes looked at him longingly, "Please?" Jake smiled and continued to massage and lather her, hearing small gasps and moans escape from Sam. Jake's fingertips ran over Sam's tiny cheeks  gently massaging them and causing some strange feelings to stir within Sam. She let out a moan and backed up a bit, her backside resting on the tip she sat down a bit and let out a loud gasp which in turn caused Jake to gasp as well.

He felt that, Sam sat on his fingertip and what happened next caught him off guard as Sam began to grind against his finger, moaning and groaning as instincts took in. "Sam?" Jake sound surprised as she looked up a bit embarrassed but couldn't help herself, feeling her knees weaken as she starting to fall forwards but was quickly caught by Jake's two front fingers on his other hand. "Whoa sweetie!" When Sam fell against his fingertips she leaned forward and hugged them hard, grasping them as hard as she can and continue to push down on Jake's finger.

"J-J-J-Ja-aake." She shook and pressed her face against finger a bit from the pleasure she was feeling. Jake nearly jumped as he wouldn't expect that from Sam as she continued to grind against him, realizing she was lost in pleasure he spoke up, "Sam? Honey maybe we should stop?" Sam looked up lazily and slowly shook her head, "N-No, plea-please." Her voice was crackling and she could barely stand as she pressed hard against him, unknown to her the pleasure she was causing for Jake below as the water began to swish, his manhood coming to life.

Jake felt bad, in his mind he was taking advantage of Sam but in Sam's mind she thought the complete opposite, in her mind she was taking all the liberties with Jake. She looked over his fingers and saw his penis slowly rise from the depths like a giant sea monster looking for prey and the sight of that was enough, she paused for a moment and sat down hard and let out a shrill of pleasure. She quickly leaned forward and bit Jake's finger hard trying to suppress the noise, her first orgasm was incredible and mighty as she shook furiously, grinding against Jake's finger and after a few moments finally lulled to a stop.

Sam collapsed backwards on Jake's open palm as he brought her down in the water on his chest, Jake noticed a  small amount of blood mixing with the water as she shifted a bit. "Jake?" She felt embarrassed and ashamed as his finger came down to stroke her. "Shhhh, you didn't do anything wrong. I feel bad, I shouldn't have taken advantage of you." Sam looked up confused, "No Jake, I took advantage of you." They both smiled and realized that they both enjoyed, course with Sam she was a bit sore. "Jake, it hurts a bit."

She looks down and noticed the blood and looks worried but Jake was there to comfort her. "It will sweetheart, it's normal after someones first time." Sam's eyes became saucers looking up at Jake, "You mean?...You?...Me?" Jake just smiled and nodded, "Yes, we did." He winked as Sam's heart melted, her first time and with the guy she had fallen in love with, she nearly cried from happiness laying up against Jake but she felt him shift.

"Well sweetie we need to get out of here before we become prunes." Sam nodded as he lifted her up in his hand, standing up he reached over and drained the tub and brought out a massive towel, wrapping it around him and her as her head poked out the top above the top. Jake walked back out into the room and sat on the futon and gently laid Sam down next to him and shed off the towel, sitting naked before Sam before she realized she was naked as well and squeaked and blushed.

"Don't be embarrassed." She nodded and took a corner of the towel and began to dry herself as Jake dried himself, finally finishing he lifted her up and laid on his side. "Let's watch some TV." He smiled and pulled a cover across his body, gently covering her while they searched for something good on. "Oh look!" Jake exclaimed, "Muppet Christmas Carol." Sam smiled and left it on there, scooting a bit towards Jake as they happily watched the movie.

About half way into the movie Jake heard a small yawn, looking down he saw Sam trying to stay awake but she was quickly loosing the battle. He scooped her up and laid on his back, depositing her gently on his chest above his heart and covered her up with the blanket as she lay naked against him. Feeling her tiny body against him caused the blanket below to stir but he tried to keep it in check as she looked up at him, her eyes groggy.

"Jake, I-" She let out a massive yawn. "Shhhhhh, go to sleep baby, go to sleep." His finger came down and gently stroked her hair as she slowly nodded, her eyes closing and laying up against his warm skin, snuggling to get comfortable. "I love you Ja-" Sam fell asleep mid-sentence causing Jake to suppress a chuckle fearing he would wake her, his hand came down and stroked her. "Love you too Sam. Merry Christmas." He smiled and soon too nodded off with his tiny girlfriend happily resting, lulled to sleep by his loving heartbeat.
Jake and Samantha: Christmas Surprise 3/3 (G/t)
The final part, Jake and Sam take a bath and take the final step.

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"Go on sweetie, it's ok." Jake's smile melted Sam's heart but she shook like a leaf at the events unfolding before her. For the past few months she had been dreaming to be with Jake and in one day not only did she get her wish, but she is spending six months with him and she got to see him naked and he wasn't cross with her. And now he was actually offering to pull his towel back to see his naked lap, looking up at him she gave a nervous smile and reached out towards the soft material of the towel, her hand shaking as she slowly reached for it.

Her mind was racing, going in several different directions, "I can't believe this is happening!" "This is so exciting!" "He's such a hunk!" "I love him so much!". Then the doubts and worries infested her mine, "Are you nuts?!" "You're taking advantage of him." "He feels sorry for you." "You're a nobody." She froze in place with her arm stretched out but she was quickly snapped back to reality when Jake noticed. "Sam?" She jumped and looked up at Jake's concerned face.

"Are you all right?" She just nodded and looked back at the bulge in the towel again, she wanted to lunge for it but her body refused to move.  In her mind it felt right, after all Jake was willing and was inviting her to do what she wanted but she felt guilty about it.  Perhaps he did just feel sorry for me?  Tears began to stream down her cheeks, her voice cracking, "I-I-I'm so sorry."  She sobbed and quickly felt herself being lifted up and held against Jake's naked torso, his warm inviting hand covering her like a soft, leatherly blanket.

"Shhhhhh, it's ok Sam, it's ok." Jake was worried about her, she was sobbing and shaking uncontrollably against, him his heart began to ache feeling guilty. "I'm so sorry Sam, I didn't want to pressure you." Jake felt like he was a bad guy but Sam looked up through her teary eyes and shook her head, "No Jake, I'm sorry, I..."

She looked down in shame, "I'm a nobody Jake, why would you want to be with me." Jake's heart sank, he had never seen this side of her before and was worried and quickly lifted her up to his face. "Hey, I want to be with you because I love you." She looked up with a crooked smile but it quickly faded away and she looked down in shame again.  "Jake, I'm sorry I wanted to but..." She looked down at the bulge below and blushed, "I'm, a...a"

"A virgin?" Jake finished her sentence as she quietly nodded her head.
"Awwwww, sweetie don't worry about it, listen if you aren't up to it I understand. I'm sorry I pushed you." Sam shook her head, "No you didn't push me, Jake.  I love you and I...I was afraid that I was going to make you laugh because I was a virgin." Jake chuckled a bit, "Why should that matter?  In fact I'm in the same category with you." Sam quickly snapped up to attention at his smiling face, "What?  You?  But?  A..." Jake smiled, "A virgin."

Sam was astonished, "It's true, though you aren't the only one to ever seen me naked, but no one as ever tried anything with me." Sam furrowed her brows, "Someone else saw you naked?" Sam inquired as Jake nodded, "Yes, back in college I was on a date with a girl from a sorority and one thing led to another and before I knew it, well I was sitting naked in front of her." Sam blushed and chuckled, "Lucky girl." Jake's face quickly turned though, looking away causing Sam to look confused, "What happened Jake?"

He was silent for a few moments and turned back to her, "Well, she was disgusted by the sight of me, she compared me to something like the Elephant Man. An oddity to be stared at, she only wanted to see me naked because her sorority sisters dared her."

Sam felt anger, Jake was a sweet and gentle person and she saw the hurt in Jake's eyes.  "Little bitch, if I was a bit taller and heavier and stronger I'd give her a pounding."  Sam began to calm down and became more reasonable and realized that this girl could probably kick her ass, though Jake would be there to protect her.

"Don't worry sweetie, it's all in the past and besides I'm glad nothing ever came of that." He brought her to his cheek and gently held her against it. "That way I could be with you."  Sam's heart fluttered and she quickly tried to hug what she could of his massive cheek, tears forming she quickly kissed Jake's cheek. She felt so loved she never wanted it to end, holding onto him for as long as she could before Jake brought her back down to his chest.

"I love you so much sweetie." Sam smiled, "I love you too Jake." She hugged his chest and wasn't paying attention, she scooted up and felt her head hit something and noticed she bumped into the underside of his nipple. She quickly jumped back and blushed.

"I'm sorry Jake." All he did was smile, "Don't worry about it." He winked which caused her to melt inside, she felt bold around him again, opening up to him made her feel much better about herself and she realized how lucky she was to be with a muscle bound hunk. She did notice his right arm come up and run his fingers through his hair, he did this absentmindedly and this simple action still caused his body to ripple with muscle.

She noticed his bicep flex inadvertently and was entranced by the sight of it, but his gaze caught hers and she quickly looked away, blushing. Jake noticed and smiled, feeling bolder himself he stroked her tiny back. "Sam?" She looked up slowly. "Can I ask you a question and please be honest?" She slowly nodded, "Do you like my muscles?" Jake had never thought of it before, to him it was normal but he slowly realized to her he must look massive and was curious about her reaction.

Sam blushed, looking down a bit ashamed and nodded. "Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare." Jake smiled and brought his right arm down towards her field of view and slowly began to flex it, his bicep rising right in front of her eyes which was wide as saucers at this point. She audibly gulped at the sight of the massive muscle, a vein streaking across it and the heat coming from it caused Sam to shake a bit in excitement and looked up at Jake's smiling face.

To Jake he was cautious about what he was doing, he didn't want to seem like a conceded idiot like most muscular guys were and in the back of his mind he was afraid it would go to his head. Seeing Sam made him feel better about himself, not feeling like a freak of nature and the fact she loved him for what he was while most girls would either ignore him or even turn in disgust. He finally spoke up and broke the silence.

"You want to feel my biceo sweetie?" Sam's head snapped up in surprise and back at the muscle and back up to Jake again. "Really? You don't mind?" Jake shook his head and brought the flexed arm closer as Sam reached out and her dainty little hand touched the skin of the bicep, causing her to gasp and sending waves of pleasure through Jake which he tried to contain.

He had never been touched before let alone have his muscles worshipped but Sam was giving him so many ideas but he wanted to make her happy, seeing her rub the skin caused him to chuckle a bit. "Enjoying?" He smiled at her, Sam looked up and smiled before leaning forward and planted a kiss on the skin which caused Jake to moan which in turned caused him to involuntarily flex a bit. Below the bulge shifted but it went unnoticed by Sam by the spasm of his muscles which caused his pec in front of her to flex, nearly knocking her over and looking at Jake in amazement.

"You can do that? That's amazing, you're like that guy from the Old Spice commercial." She let out a girlish giggle, Jake tried to restrain himself and chuckled, "You know I met him once, nice guy though was a bit annoyed I was showing him up." Jake flexed the muscle again and again causing Sam to giggle uncontrollably, now turning her attention to that she tried to hug what she could.

Feeling the heat radiating from his body, Sam's knees began to tremble a bit looking up she saw the underside of his stiffening nipple and in an act of boldness reached up and touched it. Her tiny fingers sent shock waves through Jake's body causing him to stiffen a bit, grasping the futon's covers and curling his toes, Jake was quickly losing his senses and turned back towards Sam who was staring in awe at him.

"Sam? Would you like me to flex for you more?" Jake asked her and she quickly nodded at the prospect of seeing her giant boyfriend show off for her. He gently sat her down on his left thigh and brought both arms up in a double bicep pose, his traps raised and his pecs flexed causing veins to criss cross all over. He looked down at her tiny form, staring up at him with amazement she let out a girlish giggle and blushed profusely causing Jake to flex more for her.

Below the towel began to move again, shifting around the behemoth didn't want to be contained anymore and slowly the piece of soft cloth began to rise and rise and rise. Becoming thicker and longer, Jake was so set on showing off for Sam he had lost all control and didn't even realize his urges and the effects.

There was a loud gasp and Jake's senses came back to him, "Oh my!" He looked down at Sam who had finally noticed the rising manhood next to her which was slowly begin to dwarf her, Jake stopped flexing and quickly and profusely apologized. "Sam, I'm so sorry, I got so carried away. I'm so sorry." Afraid he might had made things uncomfortable for her considering what had happened not to long ago, but Sam looked up at Jake and back at the encased manhood which was struggling to be set free.

"Jake, did I do that?" She looked up as he nodded. "But, I...I didn't do anything." Jake grinned and gently stroked her tiny back which caused her to shiver, "Yes you did sweetie, just being here, wanting to be with me, loving me the way I am." Sam was amazed, she was still naive about sex and the details, only having a crash course of sex ed at her school because of budget cutbacks she was unfamiliar with the idea of foreplay.

"Jake, may I...may I see it?" He looked down at her for a moment with a bit of concern. "You sure sweetie? I don't want you to do something you are uncomfortable with." Sam just nodded, "It's ok, I just want to see it, I won't touch, well...." He could tell she was conflicted, "Sam, tell you what I'll uncover it and put my hands back. After that anything you want to do you can, I won't be angry at you no matter what. Deal?"

She nodded and began to shake a bit in excitement watching Jake's massive hand reach down, she shivered as the hand grasped the towel and slowly pulled it back. She gasped at the sight of the monster penis before her, looking up at it she was so close she could feel the heat coming off of it, noticing a huge vein streaking up and down the side of it. The head rose above her head while she noticed the thick hair at the base. Sam stared in awe and was dumbstruck when it began to pulse with his heart beat.

Unknown to her Jake was watching from above with amazement, never had he thought this day would come when a beautiful girl like Sam would ever be put into this situation but here she was, staring at his mammoth erection as it edged past his abs. So rigid like steel he flexed it a bit as it slapped his skin causing Sam to jump and giggle at the amazing trick. She was still speechless, her eyes transfixed upon the fleshy rod before her she reached out with her hand while above Jake's eyes began to grow bigger at the sight.

Below out of Sam's sight was Jake's testicles which hung, to him they were the size of jumbo grade eggs but to someone like Sam they could be considered giant bean bag chairs. The sensation of Sam's tiny toes pressing into his thigh caused Jake to try and contain what would be a mighty orgasm but what happened next was simply too much.

Sam leaned forward to touch, her fingertips just out of grasp she was thinking about pulling back when she felt her feet begin to slip. She had leaned forward and lost her balance, instinctively reaching out for the first thing to grab and support herself. "Oommph!" Sam fell forward, both arms landing on the hot skin of Jake's erection, her fingertips digging into the flesh to stop the fall while her tiny body slammed into it. Her toes jabbed at it and her clothing rubbing gently against it, she quickly tried to get up but slipped again, her face gently smacking into it she inadvertently kissed the skin. It was too much for Jake.

"Hmmppphhh....AHHHHHHHHHHH!" The sound was deafening as Jake tried to stop it but the sensation was too much for him to contain it as his penis spewed stream after stream after stream of thick cum, landing on his chin and his chest, even some clearing the top of his head. Sam was holding on for dear life, feeling the power of the giant penis she was clinging to, she could actually feel his seed push through and felt the warmth of it as it landed on her.

She had seen an animation of a orgasm but seeing it first hand and so up close caused her to shake and buckle as Sam's hair and clothing was being coated along with the portion she was hanging on to, causing her grip to slip a bit and slide. As a result she was causing more stimulation as a few more strands fired out of Jake like a cannon.

"Oh man, that was incredible." Jake mutered as Sam looked up at him, trying to catch her breath before she felt a huge hand scoop her up. Soon Jake's huge face came into view, his face red from exhaustion, sweat pouring down his brow, his hand shaking almost feeling weak from the explosive orgasm.

"Sam, I'm so so sorry, I tried to stop it, it was too much." Sam, who was shaking and exhausted herself just shook her head, "No Jake, I'm sorry I shouldn't have did that." She began to feel bad, almost to the point of sobbing when Jake brought her face up to view his with the tip of his index finger.

"No Sam, don't feel sorry for what you did. Did you enjoy it?" She blushed profusely and nodded, her face crimson red as Jake smiled, "As you can tell I did too." "Jake? Have you ever done that before?" Jake wiped his brow with his free hand, "Not on that level, that was...extremely intense." Sam was silent for a moment, "Have you ever done that with another girl." Jake smiled and shook his head, "No sweetie."

Sam's eyes began to widen and her heart fluttered, "You mean I was your first?" She blushed and shy away, "Why yes you were sweetie and if I was going to do it with anyone, I'm glad it was you." The barrier had finally broken, while no intercourse had occurred that fact that Sam could bring Jake to that kind of a climax was a revelation to both. To Sam she was becoming a woman and was with a guy who loved and cared for her and to Jake that someone could love him for who he was and could actually make him feel normal.

The orgasm made him feel like a person, though he had masterbated plenty of times nothing compared it to the actually feeling of another human being. With Jake it was magnified ten fold because of his size and sensitivity, he felt blessed that he could experience that and of all the people with Sam. His index finger came down and gently rubbed her hair, feeling the wetness, "I think we need to get freshened up sweetie." Sam nodded and noticed the mess Jake had created, his chest was covered and even a strand was hanging from his left ear lobe which caused to her to chuckle.

Jake gently placed her on the floor and stood to his full height, giving Sam an eyeful as she stared up at the naked form of her titan boyfriend. His muscles creaked with his feet causing small tremors as he headed towards the door to his bathroom, leaving Sam to stand there a bit confused. She lowered her head a bit and turned to head towards the guest rooms built into the wall. "Sweetie?" She turned and saw his smiling face with his hand beckoning to her. "You coming?" She smiled and quickly ran towards him, Jake bent down and scooped her up and carried her into the bathroom.

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Since Jake's departure Sam's life seemed to have no meaning, she knew that he was coming back but it seemed so long since she had last seen him. Within the first week it felt like a month and she tried to get her mind off of it by either spending time with friends, but their constant questions about Jake just made her feel worse. Nothing was good on the television and she only had a PlayStation 2 since her or her mother didn't have the money to afford a new gaming system. Luckily with holiday break coming up from school Sam could get away from all the prying questions, at least she thought. The family decided to have Thanksgiving at Sam's house this year and her mother Heather had a grand feast planned.

Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans and some many a sorted desserts, Sam looked at the feast before her and chuckled a bit, thinking of how Jake could make quick work of it within no time. Thinking of him caused her to sigh which Heather heard and walked over to Sam, holding her close. "I know sweetie, you miss him, trust me he'll be back." She smiled up at her mother as Heather gave a reassuring kiss on the forehead and continued to cook. When the entire family showed up it was a mad house, Sam has several aunt and uncles including almost two dozen cousins of varying ages. Of course the questions started flying about Jake from her extended family, wondering if he was going to show up, if they were dating and with some of her older cousins asking if Sam and Jake had "done it".

Sam was overwhelmed and Heather tried to change the subject when she could but the questions just kept coming, she wanted to lock herself in her room but stuck it out for her mother's sake and just answered what she could and smile throughout the whole thing. During dinner she did notice one absence at the table, Grandma Georgina, who was the matriarch of the family. Heather noticed this as well and started asking questions, Sam of course was trying to mind her own business but heard her mother. "Oh no! That's terrible, how long will she be in there." A few weeks before Thanksgiving she had fallen and broken her hip and no one told Heather, course the rest of the family had no time to take care of her and as a result was put up in a nursing home.

Hearing this Heather had to step in and after dinner was done and everyone left she immediately got on the phone. "Yes....ok....thank you very much." Heather hung up the phone and turned to Sam who looked curious. "What's wrong mom?" Heather looked a bit nervous, "Well honey....Grandma Georgina can be let out of the home but....she needs around the clock care and the state won't pay and your aunts and uncles won't cough it up either." Sam looked worried but what her mother said next made her heart drop. "But....seeing how I am a nurse in training, the school arranged a special set up, me and a registered nurse can take care of her and I'll get extra hours and be able to graduate early." Sam smiled, "Well that's great isn't it? When is Grandma coming here then?" Sam saw the look of worry in Heather's eyes. "She can't sweetie, because of her frail state she isn't allowed to travel...I'll have to go there....for six months"

Sam's heart stopped, "S-S-Six Minnesota? But does that means I have to go as well?" Heather nodded. "I'm sorry sweetheart but Grandma needs our help and I can't let her stay in the home, you understand don't you?" Sam stared dumbfoubded, "But i can stay here myself, I'm 18, I can take care of myself."

Heather sighed and hugged her daughter, "Sam, I know technically you are an adult but I can't just leave alone.  I know it sucks but I need to know you will be alright."  Sam nearly broke down, she had to leave everything behind, her home, her friends...Jake.
"I'm sorry sweetie."

"When do we leave?" Her voice sound so monotone, almost robotic. "She is going to be let out the first of the year but it will take sometime to get her home set up.  They gave me some time to get ready but we have to fly out on Christmas Eve.  Sam just stared, now Christmas was out the window as well, soon her eyes widened.

"What about Jake?  He's coming back after the beginning of the year.  I won't be here, what if he gets mad or thinks I was avoiding him?"  Heather stroked her hair, "Don't worry honey, I'll let him know what's going on.  I'm sure he'll understand and maybe he'll come visit?"  Heather's heart broke watching Sam just lower her head and nod, defeated and depressed she slumped and walked to her room and slowly closes the door and began to cry.

A few days later Sam was laying on her bed and once again clutched her favorite photo of Jake, sobbing gently so her mother couldn't hear her. She heard the phone ring but didn't care, she just wanted to lay there and heard her mother talking on the phone. Sam was a bit curious at first, it sounded like she was a bit surprised and happy but just went back to her sulking and fell asleep. The next couple of weeks seemed to fly by for Sam but she wasn't too happy about it. The entire time she kept thinking of Jake, how she wasn't going to be here and how for six months she would be stuck at her grandmothers house. She loved her but still six months, no friends, nowhere to go, she had a television but only had local channels and no way to see Jake.

Her mother assured her that Jake was appraised of the situation, leaving messages with the company he was working for but because of the remoteness and his inability to communicate through telephone or e-mail, it was hard for her to talk to him. Sam just felt so lonely, she knew that Jake would understand but still it didn't give her much comfort and each night she quietly sobbed herself to sleep, not wanting to upset her mother. From time to time she would get a call and would spend some time on the phone, when Sam inquired about how she was talking to all her mother would say it was the caretaker she hired to watch the house while they were gone.

Sam just nodded but still felt her mother was keeping something from her, soon the day came as the car was packed with the essentials.  The house was locked, electric and water was turned off, it looked so empty as Sam sighed.
"Well, it's time." Heather looked at Sam who seemed depressed and all she could do was hug her to comfort her, she felt bad but gave her smile. "Come on sweetie, it'll be ok." Sam climbed into the car as they took off down the road, looking back at her home which was now dark, cold and abandoned which caused Sam to sigh. "Sam? I have to make a quick stop." Sam looked confused as her mother headed down a back road towards the back end of the town, looking around at the heavily forested area which was blanketed in heavy snow from the blizzard the week previous.

In the darkness something loomed and as they got closer they could see the outline of a huge building which looked like an old factory. To Sam it looked massive and was confused on why her mother was taking her down this small road to this massive building but her mother quickly reassured her. "I need to speak to the caretaker before I leave, to tell him that we are heading out." Sam looked back at the massive building and gulped, wondering if the man that lived her was a bit crazy living in such a huge place.

The car pulled up to the massive roll up door, reminding her of an airplane hangar door. "Well here we are, come on." Sam's eyes widened at her mothers suggestion. "Y-You mean....there?" She was clearly frightened, the scene reminding of a horror movie. "Sure, come on, it'll be ok, he's a nice man." Sam nodded and got out, following her mother as she walked up to a normal sized door and rang a buzzer which she could hear echo inside the gargantuan building. Sam felt something strange, small tremors which got stronger and more audible by the second and before Sam could wrap her mind around it the door suddenly went up.


The sound was intense, the metal on metal as Sam's eyes adjusted to what appeared to be a foot, a massive foot.

Her heart fluttered and slowly looked up and saw the foot attached to a leg, the saw a pair of jean shorts and finally up to a naked torso, a defined  chest that pulsed with veins as she finally saw the face of the owner of the huge feet. "JAKE!" Sam ran towards his massive forn, his large hand descending and quickly scooping her up and bringing her tiny form to his chest as she leap with open arms, quickly hugging all she could of him and sighing happily and heavily. "Merry Christmas sweetie." Jake happily held her against him for a good few moments before she pulled away and looked up at him. "I thought that you were away until the first of the year?" She questioned him, all he did was smile which caused her heart to flutter, Sam had missed that sight so much. "Well I finished early and they wanted to keep me more until I found some discrepancies with their contracts and called them on it. Needless to say, instead of dealing with that they let me out of it so here I am."

Sam's eyes lit up hearing this and hugged what she could of his massive chest again. However her heart quickly grew heavy and looked up at his looming smile, she frowned a bit and Jake noticed this. "What's wrong Sam?" "Well...." Sam didn't want to tell him, she was so happy and she wanted to keep it that way but she quickly realized that her and her mother would have to leave soon. "Me and mom have to...." She looked away to keep him from seeing her cry, though she was surprised when he finished her sentence. "Go to Minnesota? I know, your mom has been talking to me for a few weeks now. I had one of the guys at the site call her and she told me what was going on and I'm going to watch the house for her." Sam smiled and knew that the house would be in safe hands with Jake around but felt so bad that she was about to leave.

"Plus we were working something out." Heather interrupted. "Seeing how it would be wrong to take you away from your friends and messing up your school work and seeing how Jake's place is now up and running.  We figured you can stay here with him till I get back next year." Sam couldn't breath and thought her mother was playing a cruel joke on her, looking up at Jake as he smiled and nodded. "I would love to have you with me for the next six months." All Sam could do was nod, almost in a catatonic state causing both Jake and Heather to laugh. "I think she wants to." Sam quickly hugged what she could of Jake's chest again. After a few moments Sam pulled away again, looking up Jake's beaming smile all she could do was beam back her own smile causing Heather to giggle below. "Well I better get going soon, but before I do me and Sam have a Christmas present for you". Sam's eyes lit up, "That's right but mom we left it at home."

Heather shook her head, "I brought it with us, it's in the trunk of the car." Jake let Sam down as she quickly ran outside to retrieve Jake's present. "Mrs. B....if you are uncomfortable with Sam staying with me -" Heather interrupted and smiled. "Jake, I told you I trust you with her and no matter what happens between you two I'm glad she has a boyfriend like you." Jake looked at Heather and his face turned red with embarrassment which caused Heather to giggle at how she got this behemoth of a man to blush.

"Don't worry about it." Jake nodded as Sam came running back in with a box as big as she is. "Oh my, that's for me?" Jake asked and reached down letting Sam put the present on his palm, bringing it to his height he quickly unwrapped it. "What's this?" Jake pulled out a blanket, a very big blanket with an iron on picture of him and Sam in the middle. "It's beautiful, you all did this." Heather and Sam nodded. "Yeah, mom bought the blanket while I did the picture." Jake smiled and quickly unfurled it and laid it against his chest, the blanket was in the shape of a heart. "It's lovely, thank you two." Jake put the blanket on his makeshift futon and reached down, gently scooping Sam into his hand he pursed his lips and gave her a quick kiss.

She giggled and watched as Jake bent down again and took Heather's hands gently in between his index finger and thumb and smothered her hand along with most of her arm with his lips. "Thank you Mrs. B." Heather felt a lump in her throat and for a second she actually felt a pang of jealousy towards her daughter but quickly shook it off. "Oh...." Jake gently set Sam back down. "I have something for you two." Sam and Heather looked at each other while Jake went to the far corner of the building and came back with two boxes, handing the first Heather. "What's this?" Heather opened her present and saw an elegant silk black dress.

"Oh my!" Heather blurted out. "It's lovely...but Jake how much did this cost." All he did was smile and shook his head. "Never you mind, I hope you like it?" Heather smiled, "It's lovely, thank you so much Jake." Sam was eyeing her present and Jake laughed, "OK, now Sam this one is yours." He handed her the box and she felt like it was going to drag her down. "What's in here?" Before Jake could answer she started to rip into the paper, getting enough off she paused for a second and looked up at Jake who had a huge smirk across his face. "" Sam couldn't complete her question and quickly dove into the paper again, Heather looked up at Jake confused and heard Sam scream and squeak at the same time. "AN XBOX ONE, JAKE GOT ME AN XBOX ONE!!!" Jake nearly bowled over with laughter.

"So I take it you like your present?" Sam ran over to Jake and hugged what she could of his leg. "I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!!" Sam ran back to it and noticed several game bunched together too and nearly screamed again "Minecraft! Call of Duty! Overwatch, you got me Overwatch!" All Jake and Heather could do was laugh as Sam ran though the games and rattled off their names but the time had come for Heather to leave. "Well sweetheart I need to go." Saying that Sam ran over to her mother and hugged her as hard as she could, Sam was so excited but felt a bit of sadness. "Mom, if you want me to go with you..."

Heather smile, "No, no, you stay here with Jake, I'll be back in six months you just promise me to behave, ok?" Sam blushed causing Heather to giggle and she looked up at Jake who blushed as well. He reached down and took Heather's hand gently in between his massive finger and thumb and engulfed it again with his lips, causing her face to turn red. After the show of respect, Jake pulled away as Heather gathered her senses and headed outside with Jake and Sam in tow to watch her off, waving goodbye as she got into the van and headed out on her journey. Jake and Sam watched until the tail lights faded into the distance afterwards Jake pulled down the door and sat down back on his futon.

He and Sam stared at each other for a few seconds, each smiling as she leaned forward and hugged what she could of his warm chest, nearly yelping when his finger tip gently rubbed the small of her back. "Jake, thank you so much for the gift and taking me in.  I promise I won't be any trouble." Jake chuckled, "You are never trouble sweetie." He smiled which caused Sam to blush, finally he broke the silence. "Why don't you hook up your Xbox?" Sam smiled and Jake let her down as she quickly tore into the box, setting it up underneath the massive 80 inch television, she quickly got it up and running and hooked it up to the internet. Sam nearly squealed in delight, six months with her giant friend and a brand new system, Sam felt like she was in heaven then she heard something that made her mind go numb at the thought.

"Tell you what sweetie, you get that up and running and I'm going to get a bath." When Sam heard that in her mind Halloween night flashed through her head, falling on his lap and that feeling of his manhood growing underneath her, her face became flushed and she shook her head to come back to reality. "O-O-O-Ok" She stuttered and blushed, her imagination running wild but Jake didn't notice, standing to his full height and stretching he smiled down at her tiny form. "I'll be back sweetie, if you need something to eat the kitchen is open and you have plenty of bathrooms in the guest rooms." He smiled and turned, his feet causing small booms as he went to the back of the factory and went into a huge room off to the right.

Within a minute Sam felt the ground rumble a bit as the pipes turned on, they had to be custom made to bring in the water Jake needed and she continued to get her Xbox set up, however her mind started to wonder again and she slowly turned towards where Jake was. Unable to take it she got up and took off down the massive building and reached a huge door frame built into a wall.  She quietly and cautiously peered into the room and what she saw caused her eyes to bulge.

Jake was standing there looking into a massive mirror and sighed, he lowered his jeans and wore a pair of compression shorts that looked as if they would explode.  She quietly gasped as he slowly lowered them and now stood naked, his manhood was gigantic and hung limply slightly past his knees.

Sam bit her lip and had the urge to flee but her feet was cemented to the floor staring at the titantic, naked colossus before her.  She had never seen a naked man before let alone one this size, though she had inadvertently found a site on her one friends computer though she quickly looked away embarrassed, but this was completely different.  She couldn't look away, he looked so incredibly beautiful, Sam felt though she was far out of his league.

Jake looked a bit sad as he stared into the mirror again, "Oh Sam.  You are so cute and I'm..."  He put his hands on the counter and sighed again, "I'm a freak."  Sam gasped loudly as he said this, inadvertently alerting his attention to her, "Sam?" Jake's voice was soft but it caused Sam to jump as she quickly turned and ran out.

"Sam...come back." She thought about running into one of the guest rooms but she heard the booming sound of Jake's feet and she ran towards the closest place to hide, Jake's futon. She quickly ran underneath and curled up in a ball, quietly crying and listening to Jake above calling for her. "Sam? Come out sweetie.

Jake didn't sound annoyed or angry but still Sam was so afraid and before long she saw the two huge feet of Jake standing beside his futon which was replaced by the sight of Jake's huge eye and quickly he reached in and scooped up her tiny form who was shaking and scared, before she knew it Jake had brought her to his chest.

Sam looked up at Jake's face which had a small smile beaming down at her and she leaned over, placing her head against him and felt his heartbeat against her, soothing her. She peered down and noticed he was wearing a towel and saw the huge bulge which caused her to blush, looking back up at him she stammered. "J-J-Jake...I'm....I'm..." Jake just smiled, bringing his huge finger down, the tip of it went up against her mouth gently. "Shhhhhh, it's ok, just out of curiosity though how long were you standing there?" Sam looked up and blushed, looking down embarrassed and that was all Jake had to know.

It became deathly quiet before Sam broke the silence, "I'm sorry for spying on you.  If you want me to leave I understand."  Sam looked down, closing her eyes afraid of what he might say before his finger lifted her chin up at his massive face. "It's ok, after all shouldn't a girlfriend get to see her boyfriend naked once in a while?" Her body froze and she looked up, "Girl....friend?

Jake winked which caused her body to become weak as she feel against his chest, causing him to chuckle as he held her against him, Sam looked up at. "Jake, I love you." He smiled, "I love you too sweetheart." He brought her up to his face and pursed his lips, engulfing her in his lips as she enjoyed being lavished by his scent and presence, she shook a bit and let out a small moan. Jake felt this and inhaled, her body shook harder and she nearly squealed in delight. Jake chuckled and moaned, vibrating her tiny body causing her to collapse against his lips, pulling away she laid on the palm of his hands, weak and a bit tired.

Jake gently lowered her down to his waist, sitting her on the large, comfy causing Sam to blush heavily, sitting on his legs her dainty feet was stretched across and was resting on the bulge. Seeing this she blushed and went to move them, but Jake's hand gently held her in place. Jake's inhibitions had finally eroded, he loved Samantha with all his heart and with her spying on him it confirmed her love for him.

"It's ok sweetie, seeing it is Christmas if you want you can unwrap another present." Sam's mind didn't process it at first, looking up at Jake as he winked and chuckled and it dawned on her. "You...You mean?" Jake just nodded, "Go on sweetie."

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It had been over a month since Jake and Samantha had found each other again and in that time their lives changed drastically as well as Samantha's mother, Heather. Jake had never had a true place to live, since his height had hit 25 foot he couldn't fit in normal homes instead resorting to abandoned warehouses to rest. He had a small trailer for his clothing but since his body never really much sustenance because of his metabolism he really didn't need a kitchen, in fact the ice cream and cake Jake had had Sam's birthday party was still slowly being worked through his system. And since his body didn't produce much waste he really didn't need a bathroom but if he needed to go he built ditches and covered them.

However since he met Samantha his mind had been changed, if he was going to spend time with her he needed an actual home seeing how he couldn't fit into her home and it wouldn't be fair to Sam to be out in the cold, especially with winter fast approaching. Jake had found a perfect home, a munitions factory that had been abandoned since World War II and slowly falling apart. Seeing potential, Jake had bought the property from the city and even hired workers to help spruce up the place course Jake would provide the muscle for the heavy work but for the finer things he needed some help.

Jake had a specially made fridge shipped in which was a glorified meat locker which he really didn't need but wanted to fit in as well as food for any guests that would come over. Along with the fridge he had a small stove, counter and sink built in for normal sized people as well as normal sized furniture. A recliner here, a sofa there, even a 80 inch TV screen which was a bit on the small side for Jake but to other people would be enormous. He even had several guest rooms built into the walls, complete with bathrooms.  Jake's bedroom consisted of a massive futon built for him, set in the "living room" with the normal sized furniture and the big screen TV. He even had a bathroom built for himself complete with sink, a toilet and even a massive shower. Smiling he watched as his new home slowly was being put together but it wasn't ready yet.

"Soon, very soon." He smiled, for once feeling at home as he waved at the workers putting in wiring and plumbing for the guest rooms, heading out for a bit. Samantha had also been changed for the better, since being Jake her attitude towards life had vastly improved. Feeling alive, peppy and happy she was eagerly attending school, in fact showing up early. She wanted to impress Jake and in the process she was learning things faster and easier by the day, becoming more sociable to others in the school and even making regular friends though they could never replace Jake.

Some of her friends were jealous of her, even some of her guy friends which caused her to chuckle at the thought. He's such a hunk even my guy friends have a bromance with him." She giggled to herself as her friends clambered on about Jake, asking her several questions at a time, never giving her time to answer.

"Are you two really dating?" Alexis, one of her friends, eagerly asked. "Well yes, but we ate taking things really slow.  We aren't steady or anything." This caused her friend to smile a bit. "Don't you think of it." Sam sounded a bit annoyed at the thought of her friend wanting to steal Jake from her though she felt Jake wouldn't be interested in her.

"Have you seen him naked? How big is he?" Tyler, one of her guy friends was very curious about her and Jake. Samantha thought that perhaps he had an actually crush on Jake and was actually jealous of her. "No....not yet." Sam's face turned bright red at the thought as her friends laughed at her embarrassment. "Stop it guys. He's too nice to do anything to me. Besides I don't want to push him away." "Oh come on Sam, were were just joking." Alexis retorted.

Nevertheless, Sam was worried about upsetting Jake, fearing he might get angry at her and possibly leave again she really never pushed things. She loved being held in his warm palm and held to his chest, the night she confessed her true feelings to him still coursed through her mind. Though there was a moment she kept to herself, she wanted Jake to take off more than his shirt. She fantasized about Jake smiling down at her, seeing his massive hand pass by her and hearing a loud metallic sound. It was his zipper, she turned to his smiling face and back down, seeing the shorts slowly sliding down, something stirring....


The final bell had sounded snapping her mind back to the real word, sighing she got up to leave, heading down the main hall she saw the row of buses. Usually her mother would pick her up but lately with Jake's help she had went to a medical school to get a nursing degree, something she had wanted to do for a long time but didn't have the time or income to do so. But Jake had gladly funded her schooling and since he was watching out for Samantha she really didn't worry about leaving Sam at home.

Sam sighed and started to walk towards the bus when she heard someone clear their throat, causing her to jump and turning to her right. There was Jake smiling down at her, gently leaning against a giant oak in a grey shirt and jeans that were a bit worse for wear. "Need a ride sweetheart?" Jake lowered his hand, causing Sam to suppress a squeal in delight.

"I love to Jake." She beamed a huge smile and eagerly climbed onto Jake's palm as they set off. Normally Jake would pick her up on Fridays so she was genuinely shocked that he came to pick her up on a Thursday. "What's the occasion?" She inquired as he looked down, obviously something was on his mind. "No reason." he smiled. "Actually, well tomorrow is Halloween and was wondering what you were doing?" Sam didn't answer at first but sighed. "Nothing, actually I was wondering maybe....if..." Jake chuckled.

"I'd love to do something sweetie. Hmmmm, trick or treating?" Sam rolled her eyes up at Jake which caused him to suppress a laugh. "Well...." She had to think. "I don't know what we can do, can't come into the house to watch a movie or hand out candy." Jake smiled as a thought come across his mind. "BINGO! The drive in theater." He smiled down at her.

"But....well you can't fit in the parking lot Jake." She responded, a bit worried she might have made him mad with that comment. "No problem, the old Wrenchmueller farm, it's been abandoned for years and it has a great overlook of the screen. We can just sit and watch in from there." Sam was a bit hesitant, she had heard rumors of the old farm being haunted, she was scared at the prospect but nodded.

"OK!" sh5e smiled and shook a bit but with Jake she felt better. As he approached Sam's house, Jake sighed a bit causing Sam to look concerned. "What's wrong?" He snapped to her attention, "Nothing....just...." his mind seemed to be wandering. "I'll....I'll tell you tomorrow, OK?"

She looked a bit worried but felt better when he brought his index finger down to her and gently stroked her chin. "Till tomorrow sweetie." He kissed the tip of his forefinger and gently stroked her with it before leaving. Eagerly Sam wanted to get her homework done and start getting ready for tomorrow night but in her mind she thought something was wrong. She put it in the back of her mind and already started to get her outfit ready for tomorrow.

The next day after school Sam was a bit worried, her mother came to pick her up as opposed to Jake who normally came to get her but seeing how he picked her up yesterday she thought nothing of it. Sam quickly finished up her homework and started to get ready, she showered and went through her normal beauty rituals before putting on a cute pink t-shirt and a pair of tight jeans. She giggled in the mirror, brushing back her bangs she thought she look beautiful, beautiful enough for a giant friend.

She walked out into the living room and heard her mother talking outside, she looked out and saw Jake outside in the backyard. "Jake!" She ran out and immediately ran up to him, he instinctively reached down and lifted her. "You're here early." He smiled as she noticed the clothes he was wearing, a baggy pair of sweat pants and a thin, grey hoodie, she smiled. "Don't tell me....Paul Bunyan on his day off?"

Jake laughed as he stroked her back with his finger. "Not quite sweetie, sorry for the very informal attire but nothing is clean at the moment. Ready to head out?" She eagerly nodded and rested her head against his chest. "I'm ready." Below Heather was smiling at the sight of her daughter in the hands of her giant friend but was worried about what Jake had to tell her. She shook it off, knowing her daughter would understand.

"You two have fun and be careful." "We will mom." Sam yelled back. "Have a nice night at school." Jake waved as they set off, Sam enjoying the sensation of his footsteps reverberating up his body and transferring to her as she rested up against his chest. Looking up she noticed a worried look on his face, "Jake, what's wrong?" He stopped and after a few seconds looked down at her. "Sam....I have to go away for a few months and I have to leave tomorrow."

Instantly Sam's heart dropped, her body went numb and started to tear up a bit. "Ohhhh, Sam don't cry." He took his forefinger and gently wiped away her tears, she looked up and tried to keep from sobbing. "W-W-Why? Did I do something wrong?" Sam's mind was racing and tried to think if she had angered Jake and he was leaving because if it.

"No, no sweetie, I have a contract and I didn't realize that it required me to do some contract work out of state. Unfortunately they activated the clause and I have to go or else there is going to be a very big legal mess." She tried to calm down but was having a hard time, Jake saw this and brought her up to his face. "Hey don't cry, it'll be OK, I'll be back by the beginning of the year. I promise." He smiled, hoping to cheer her but she was very upset at the announcement.

"It'll be OK, I promise you. Come on, lets enjoy tonight. Lets put two months of fun into one night." Sam sniffled and tried to smile as she hugged up against his chest, reaching down he stroked her with his finger and held onto her as they headed off to the old farm.

They approached the property, slowly the house came into view as well as the old, decrepit barn that was rotting and falling apart. Jake cautiously approached, not wanting to inadvertently destroy the home as he slowly lowered himself to the ground, his butt making contact with a gentle THWUMP which caused the ground to shake a bit and making the abandoned home rattle.

He chuckled but saw Sam's worried look, gently he stroked her with his index finger. "Don't worry sweetie, there are no such things as ghosts." He smiled, trying to ease her as she nodded, being lifted up to his shoulder he gently deposited her next to his ear as she looked confused. "I figured we try something different for once, a much better view."

Sam nodded though a bit disappointed, she was hoping to sit on his lap again and lay up against his massive torso, feeling his heat against her but she shook it off as they watched the movie screen in the distance light up.

Across the screen came in big bold letters, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, seeing this Sam nearly yelped.  She was always scared of this movie when it came out a few years ago but when she saw it was the original she nearly broke out in tears. Sam didn't have the stomach for horror films and it showed, she wanted to sob but held her ground but within five minutes of the movie she couldn't take it and grabbed onto Jake's ear and held it tight.

"Whoa sweetie!" He jumped at the sudden sensation and quickly reached around, cupping her in his hands as she leapt for his torso, grabbing onto for dear life and nearly sobbing. "Shhhhhh" He once again stroked her with his index finger, bringing his massive hand across her. "It's all right, I won't let anything happen, I promise." He smiled to reassure her, when she looked up at his big blue eyes she felt calm but also stupid for letting that movie have that much of an effect on her.

She shook it off and slowly turned towards the screen and tried to watch it but from time to time she would grab onto the fabric of his hoodie and hide her face. Jake comforted her, wanting her to feel at ease. "You want to go sweetie?" He felt concerned and didn't want her to feel uncomfortable but Sam shook her head.  "It's OK Jake."

She tried to sound brave as Jake held her close, turning back to the screen once again she tried to enjoy the movie, but something in the corner of her eye got her attention. She slowly turned in the direction of the old house, convinced something was wrong with it, so old and creepy, she shook a bit from the sight of it.

Sam could swear she can see eyes inside, squinting she tried to focus when the eyes glowed and came out of the broken window pane. A loud squeak and the sound of flapping rushed past her as a giant bat was awakened from it's slumber and flew by her head.

"EEEEEEEEEHHHHH!" Sam screamed and fell backwards out of Jake's hand and before he could react she gently rolled down his stomach and landed on his lap. "Ooooommph" Sam let out a groan as she slowly steadied herself, her hands reaching down to stand up when she felt something strange, hard and warm.

Jake let out a sharp gasp causing her to peer upwards at his face, eyes bulging as he stared at his tiny friend, what Sam hadn't know was that the reason Jake was wearing such informal wear and didn't put her on his lap is because Jake had nothing underneath the pants to restrain himself. Normally he wore a specially made fabric that could contain his manhood but it had since busted that day so he had to go around in these sweats to hide the fact.

However now it didn't matter, below tiny Samantha was inadvertently stimulating his manhood by putting her hand down on it. He was very sensitive and could feel each tiny finger press down as he let out an audible moan, closing his eyes a bit and tried to steady himself.

"Sam....don't...move." She looked confused. "Why? Did I do something wrong?" She slowly stood but lost her balance and fell back, her butt landing on the base of his covered manhood, once again he let out a sharp gasp.

"Sam....don't....move." Jake was suppressing moans as he felt himself grow erect, stretching down the side of his leg, the only thing keeping it from sticking straight out was the rope he had used to tie it to his leg but it was starting to strain from the gaining girth. Unable to move he looked down at Samantha who was looking up in fear and confusion, unknowingly she was causing so much pleasure and he felt wrong in a sense it felt so right.

All Jake wanted to do was reach down, pick her up and cover her tiny body with kisses but the sensation of her on his growing manhood below kept him paralyzed in pleasure. "J-Jake?" Sam start to stutter, unsure what was going on then she felt everything below her shift, causing her to look back towards Jake's feet and saw in the moonlight what was going on.

She gasped at what appeared to be his leg growing out of proportion then it dawned on her what was going on, she blushed and gasped but then turned to worry. She looked up back at Jake who's eyes were rolling back in pleasure, she felt guilty about what she was doing. She had remember him saying that they should just remain friends and she felt like she was jeopardizing it and started to sob a bit. "J-J-Jake.....I'm so sorry."

Before Jake could react Sam quickly slid off and landed on the soft grass below, he looked over and instantly his feeling of pleasure turned to fear. "Sam?" She looked up, sobbing and began to run into the nearby woods. "SAM!!!" his voiced boomed as she took off, crying and making her way through the thick brush into the dark forest.

Behind her she could hear Jake trying to get up, a feat not easily done at the moment but he was trying. "SAM!!!" She cried more, she felt so guilty. "He's going to hate me, what have I done?" She struggled to find her way out, wanting to get home and cry into her pillow but quickly everything changed.

She felt like she was falling and before she could scream she landed in a pool of water, it was the old sinkhole pond, 8 feet deep in the middle. Sam struggled to swim up to the surface but it was no use, she looked up at the water above. Struggling Sam could see the moonlight shimmering above, slowly she began to feel calm and closed her eyes.

After what seemed like an eternity Sam's eyes burst open. "Where am I?" She looked around and saw she was no longer in the pond but a small room, pure white as she looked down she saw that her clothes seemed dry. "Hello!?" she yelled out but nothing. "Hello!?" she looked around and then felt a presence.

"Hello baby girl." Instantly her eyes widened. "DADDY!?!" she spun around and sure enough her father was standing there, holding out his arms. "DADDY!!!" She leapt up into his waiting arms and hugged him with all her might, feeling his strong arms reach around her. "Hey baby girl, I've missed you."

Sam was so happy and then it dawned on her, quickly pulling back and looking up at her fathers face. "Dad? Am I......dead?" Her father smiled, "No sweetheart, it's not your time and you're just having an out of body experience, soon you'll wake up but I wanted this opportunity to see you and tell you something". Sam looked longingly at her father.

"What is it daddy?". He smiled and stroked her hair, "I know you have feelings for Jake..." Sam blushed heavily and looked down, almost afraid that her father was angry at her. "And he has feelings for you as well."

Sam looked so confused, first her mother was OK with it and now her father was giving his blessing from beyond the grave. "You know....I mean..." She was at a lost for words, hearing her father chuckle he looked down at her. "It's all right, truth be told I was hoping Jake would be around for a long time to take care of you but after what happened.....I wasn't sure it was going to happen." He looked so sad but then turned back to her and smiled.

"But now sweetheart if you and Jake are in love there is nothing I can do to stop you and your mother is enamoured with him, just please be careful." She blushed and rolled her eyes in embarrassment. "Daaaad." She smiled and looked away before her fathers strong hands gently cupped her chin and brought her face to his.

"It's time for you to go back baby girl, just remember what I said and always remember I love you and don't worry about it, I know you have doubts but don't." All Sam could do was smiled when she felt the ground beneath her starting to move, she looked at her father concerned but his warm smile calmed her.

"Bye baby girl." Quickly everything was moving around her, everything became black and felt like she was in a free fall. She turned around and looked to see the Earth coming into view fast, quickly she passed through the atmosphere, through the clouds and she could see the ground below coming into view slowly. She wanted to panic but couldn't do anything and slowly she could see the drive in theater screen, then the pond then Jake looking down at something.

She quickly closed her eyes and felt something heavy on her chest causing her eyes to pop open. Sam coughed up a mouthful of water, her sinuses clogged with mucus and her eyes were blurry as they tried to focus, seeing she was being held off the ground. Quickly she was turned and saw Jake's giant face which was framed with concern. She could see his mouth move but nothing was coming out, then it became fuzzy then loud and clear.

"SAAAM!" His voiced boomed as she sat up, coughing and waterlogged as he quickly brought her to his cheek. "Oh Sam, thank God you're all right." He held her against his cheek as she slowly began to regain her composure when he quickly brought her to face her. "Don't you ever, ever do that again!" His voice was stern and frightened her a bit but when saw the look of fear and concern she quickly realized who worried he was, slowly she nodded and he brought her back to his cheek.

"I thought I lost you." Huge tears began to stream down his cheeks, noticing this she felt bad and began to sob herself, hearing this he began to stroke her back with his index finger. "Shhhhhh, it's OK." He held her for a few moments and slowly brought her back into view, seeing her shiver from the cold air. "We need to get you home, but first, sweetie I know this sounds strange, but you need to get out of those clothes."

Sam's eyes widened, "W-W-What?" He stroked her back some more to comfort her. "You need to get them off, they are soaking wet and I don't want you to get pnumenoia. Trust me sweetie." She blushed and nodded, nervous and a bit afraid as she slowly began to lift her shirt.

"I'll look away, I promise." He turned his head to make her feel a bit more at ease but she turned back to him. "'s OK's just....well..." She blushed as he smiled. "Don't worry, I won't try anything I promise." She nodded and slowly took her shirt off then her jeans, standing in Jake's palm in nothing but her underwear, she was a bit self conscious.

"Sweetie....those too." Her eyes turned into saucers and her face was crimson with embarrassment, he saw this and felt bad. "I'm sorry, It's just that I want to make sure you get all the wet clothing off, if you want to keep them on-" She interrupted. "'s OK just...." He smiled and nodded. "I understand sweetie, her sit on my palm and face the other way, I won't look." She smiled and sat in his palm, turning towards his upturned fingers she unhooked her bra and slid off her panties, now sitting naked in his massive palm.

"Here sweetie." He reached down and picked up all her clothing, she brought her legs to her chest and looked up to see him deposit her wet clothing in his breast pocket. She then felt everything move and saw him stand, then reaching down he gently lifted his sweatshirt. "J-J-Jake, what are you...?" He brought her up past his abs and up to his chest, she stared as he gently brought her to it.

"Hold on." He told her as his other hand from the outside covered the cloth and brought his other hand away, gently pinning her against his chest. The warmth of his body enveloped her as she gasped and nearly squeaked as he began to walk, each footstep vibrating up through him and into her, along with his heartbeats it shook her body.

She groaned at the sensation and the thought that she is being held against him, naked and vulnerable and truth be told...she loved it. She gasped as her feet brushed something, looking down her soles were rubbing on his nipple as it slowly began to expand, causing him to stop.

He pulled open the collar of his shirt and looked in. "You OK in there?" he asked, Sam nodded. "Y-Y-Yes....sorry." Jake smiled. "It's OK." He stroked her through the shirt with his finger and continued on his way. Sam began to nod off from the combination of the heat and rhythms of his footfalls and beating heart. After a bit she woke up as he looked in through his shirt collar.

"OK, were here." His hand came up his shirt and gently scooped her up, bringing her back down to her front door. "You better go in and change, I'll wait." She nodded and sprinted through the house and quickly threw on a shirt and shorts and ran back out to Jake who was waiting patiently.

"Here sweetie, I believe these are yours." He reached in his breast pocket and pulled out her clothes, bringing them down to her to collect. Sam was in awe at how tiny her clothing was compared to the vastness of his palm, causing her to blush as she quickly grabbed the bundle of clothes.

"Jake? was...." Jake stopped her. "Sam...I know it was an accident and you didn't mean to." He smiled at her to make her feel at ease but wanted to tell her that it was exciting having her on his lap, crawling around then riding naked against his chest. He wanted to tell her it was OK and wanted to hold her more but held back. "I should get going sweetie." He stood to his full height which caused Sam to crane her neck up.

"I'll see you in a few months." She nodded as she watched him turn to leave, Sam felt like something was wrong, her heart was aching a bit. Jake stopped after a few steps, slowly he looked over his shoulder to see Sam. Quickly he turned around, reaching down he scooped her up and brought her to his lips, pursing them he engulfed her with a deep, passionate kiss.

Sam was indeed shocked at the sudden uplift and drowning in the warm softness of his plush lips. However she quickly embraced and held against his lips, once again he inhaled and exhaled washing over her. She let out a groan and this time didn't want to hold back and nether did Jake, feeling her groan as he moaned as well, her body vibrating and her knees buckled, falling back into his open palm staring up at his massive face with his huge smile.

"You OK?" He smiled as Sam just lazily nodded, wanting to curl up in his palm but he put her back down on the ground. "I'll be back sweetie, I promise." He smiled and again turned to leave, looking back at her. "Love you Sam." Her heart fluttered and she happily responded. "I love you Jake!" He continued on his way, smiling as Sam turned to go back in, putting her wet clothes in the dryer and heading to her room.

Laying on the bed she looked at all the photos plastered on the walls, since she met Jake she has taken thousands of photos of him and her and put them everywhere. She sighed happily and retrieved a special photo from her dresser drawer, in a beautiful frame was a photo of her and Jake as he held her against his shirtless chest.

Sam grinned and imagined herself back on his chest, her cheeks flushed at the thought of her naked on Jake's huge body, once again she became weak in the knees and sat on the bed. She laid down and curled up in bed with the photo and slowly drifted off to sleep and began counting down the days she would see Jake again.
Jake and Samantha: Halloween (G/t)
Jake and Sam spend Halloween together and there is nearly a tragedy.


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