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Mina listened to her father as he told her his story, of the war, the project that turned him into a super soldier, the incident at Kosovo and the ambush.  He told her of the chemicals that further augmented his body that turned him into what he was now.  An actual true giant.

Once in a while he would stop and his eyes would well up with tears, she realized how painful it was for her father to relive these memories.  She would rub his finger and snuggle it, looking up at him, a few times telling him that he didn't have to continue for his sake.

Matthew pushed though, he needed to get this off his chest.  He had held it in for far too long and he needed to purge himself.  When it came to Reyes and his escape and massacre he became truly somber.  He told her of the brutal fight between the two and became quiet for a moment and stared off into the distance, lost in time.

"Daddy?  What happened?"  After a bit he looked down at her concerned face but he never said a word, just the look alone spoke volumes.  Mina's eyes welled with tears, "I'm sorry daddy."  She began to sob and hugged his chest, trying to console her father.

Matthew's heart pained to see his daughter so upset, he lifted her up to his cheek as he began to sob as well.  "Don't cry honey.  I'm so sorry.  I wish I never joined them but I was hoping to end the war and get home to your momma.  If I had known...they would turn me into...a monster."

He bit his lip and fought not to cry more, he then felt the tiny hand of his daughter reach out and rub his chin.  "Daddy, please look at me."  Matthew turned to meet the concerned eyes of his daughter, who was fighting back her own tears.  "You are not a monster."  She leaned forward and kissed the tip of his nose and hugged the bridge of it.

"You are my daddy and you will always be.  You did what you had to do and I know you could never do it again."  She looked up at his shimmering blue eyes which was fixated on her trembling form, "I don't want to lose you again."  She broke down and buried her face into his nose.

Matthew brought his finger up and stroked her back, bringing it to her chin and raising it to meet his eyes again.  He was calming down and wanted to calm her.  "You won't sweetie, I promise.  In fact I was afraid that if you heard about what I wouldn't want..."

Mina smiled and kissed the bridge of his nose causing him to smile, "Nothing would keep me from you daddy."  Matthew's heart fluttered and breathed a sigh of relief, he had always dreaded this day but now that it was over it felt as if a great weight had been lifted.

"Daddy? What happened to the others?"  Matthew furrowed his brow for a moment, "Oh, you mean Jacky and Jorge?  They live in Mexico and got married, they have a family now."  Mina's eyes widened, "Your an uncle?!  Can we go visit? Please!? Please!? Please!?"

Matthew laughed at seeing his daughter so excited, "One day honey but you have to know something, their family, they are adopted.  The gas made it so they couldn't have any children."  Mina giggled and shook her head, "Still I bet they make a great mommy and - "  She became quiet and looked up at her father with concern.

"But if they couldn't have babies, does that mean you couldn't either?  Am I...?"  Her eyes began to tear, quickly Matthew sprang into action, "No, no, no! Just them sweetie.  It didn't do it to me.  Trust me honey, I am your daddy."  Mina sniffled and buried her face into his nose, relieved about the answer.  Matthew smiled and gently he wrapped his fingers around her to comfort her.

"Perhaps we have brought up enough the past for one night."  Mina looked at him and nodded, wiping her tears away she smiled when he pursed his lips and kissed her forehead, messing her hair.

"Daddy!"  She squealed in delight, happy her father had finally calm down.  He smiled, "Time for bed sweetie."  Matthew lifted himself out of his recliner and began to take Mina to her room when she interjected.  "Daddy?  Can I...?"  He grinned, "Of course sweetie."  He stroked her back with his finger and took her to his room and deposited her on the bed.

"I'll be right back."  Matthew walked into his bathroom to do his nightly routine of brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed.  While he prepared Mina played on his bed, jumping on it and pretending his pillow was a fort.  When she heard the click of the light she hunkered down and giggled.

Matthew stepped out in just shorts, running his hand back through his hair he noticed the bed was empty.  He grinned and lightly walked over to the edge, "Hmmm, now where oh where can she be?"  Mina tried to keep from giggling, her hand over her mouth she didn't notice the two large fingers sneaking beside her underneath the pillow.

Light flooded her eyes as Matthew lifted up the pillow quickly, "Tickle monster!"  His two fingers gently rolled her on her back as the two fingertips tickling her tummy and feet.  She squealed and laughed, looking up at her father's large eyes they both felt better after the recap of bad memories.

She watched as he crossed overhead, in awe of his large body as it passed over here.  The mattress creaked loudly when he settled down, laying on his side he patted his chest with his hand.  Mina was only too happy as she ran towards him and laid up against his chest, his hand resting on her and securing her for the night.

Mina snuggled happily, looking up at him.  "Just remember what you told me daddy, if you ever have a bad dream just listen for your heartbeat and momma will be there to save you.  It works for me."  Matthew smiled, "I will sweetie." He reached over and switched the lamp off, the room now dimly lit from the moonlight outside.  "Night daddy.  I love you."

Matthew ran his finger over her head, stroking her hair.  "Goodnight sweetie.  I love you too."
Matthew and Mina: Revelations (G/t)
Matthew tells Mina of his former life, fearing it will damage her view of him.
June 25, 20XX

This is the incident report involving Project Spartan and it's consequences.  The war between the Eastern and Western Hemisphere began at the turn of the early 21st century.  No one knows how it started but once long allies deteriorated into enemies and long time enemies became new allies.

Because of fear of nuclear retaliation the larger of the nations refused to enter in earnest in the conflicts breaking out in smaller nations.  As a result skirmishes turned into full blown civil wars that the allied armies supplied weapons and personel to aid them and hopefully to acquire a new ally in the upcoming massive conflict.

With the Eastern armies gathering more strength the West and their allies enacted a once abandoned project.  "Project Spartan"  Once thought to raise genetically enhanced infants into supersoldiers, with the state of genetics at the time they were able to take "normal" people and enhance them.

There were 12 volunteers in the beginning, Matthew Towers, Gabriel Reyes, Jack Biggs, Jacqueline Black, Len Adams, James Witt, Robin Shou, Jane Cook, Anthony Hunter, Dallas Reynolds, Herman Chavez and Jorge Gutierrez.

The resulting experiments made all subjects taller and stronger, however two in particular were exceptional.  Towers and Reyes.  They were three times stronger than the others who were already 20 times stronger than normal humans and were 10 and 9 foot tall, respectably as opposed to the 7 and 8 foot of the others.

Because of this there were no longer classified as humans, instead they were called "augments".  These individuals instantly turned the tide of the conflict and as a result the Eastern allies tried to stop them and nearly succeeding with killing the weakest of the Spartans in Johannesburg.

As a result they formed two squads, Alpha (led by Towers) and Omega (led by Reyes) and started attacking the largest of the Eastern countries.  After faulty intel led to 23 civilians being killed by Alpha's leader, Matthew Towers, in Kosovo there was serious doubt about the project among West leaders.

Eastern leaders saw them as a serious threat as well and after Kosovo they feared a war of attrition and developed a plan to eliminate the Spartans.  They developed a chemical compound thought to kill them and set a trap.

All 12 Spartans were dispatched to >REDACTED< in the thoughts of attacking a massive gathering of forces and Eastern leaders.  Instead it was a trap and all 12 were exposed to the compound and 6 Spartans died immediately  (Biggs, Witt, Shou, Chavez, Reynolds and Hunter).

4 Spartans developed more strength and even an increase in height (Black, Adams, Cook and Gutierrez) but Towers and Reyes conditions were mutated even further.  Towers reached an astonishing height of 35 feet while Reyes reached 34 feet and developed exceptional muscle tone and even remarkable regenerative properties.

Because of this a cease fire was called after the incident and leaders from both sides met to call for peace.  Fearing what both sides created the Spartan program was terminated and all data destroyed and the chemical compound that the East developed was also destroyed.

As for the remaining 4 Augments and the 2 newly classified, Giants, the leaders were willing to bring them back into civilized society.  This nearly changed when the giant Reyes developed a mental disorder and escaped a facility in Barcelona that was holding him and the other Augments.

The giant Towers was on the way to the facility when he was brought in to help a village in East Germany that was devestated from a mudslide.  Reyes broke out and the Augments tried to stop him resulting in two deaths (Adams and Cook).

Towers tracked him down to a village in the Carpathian Mountains that was attacked and the entire population massacred.  A fight ensued and led to the death of the giant Reyes at the hands of Towers.

After this incident the Treaty of Berlin was signed and peace was brokered.  The two surviving Augments and Giant were examined and determined to be fit to return to society though it was concluded that Towers did suffer psychological trauma.

Gutierrez and Black both traveled to Mexico City to begin a new life and Towers returned to his hometown in Pennsylvania.  While all three were looked at with suspicion it is believed that they will not pose a threat and I'm fact Towers had been proven to be gentle and a natural protector and had been credited with saving 143 lives from results of natural disasters at the to time of this.

These three may no longer be considered "human" genetic wise but it should be that they should be thought of as human beings and treated as such after what they have done for humanity since the conflict.
Project Spartan (Matthew's backstory)
This is an "incident report" done to explain Matthew's condition and what he went through to get home to the love of his life. Sorry no fluff or father/daughter interaction but hope to show Matthew's hardships.
A storm loomed in the distance as Matthew cautiously moved through the devastated town.  He looked inside of a hole that was in the roof of a small home, he peered in and quickly turned away in horror.  The sound of thunder rolled down from the mountains, he looked up, gritting his teeth in anger.

"REYES!!!"  His voice echoed through the valley, it was silent before the thunder boomed and rain began to downpour, he stood there with his fists clenched.  "I'm here."  Matthew held his breath and turned, before him stood the 'man' he was here to stop.

The other giant had a sadistic grin plastered across his face with a fresh scar stretching from below his right eye, down through his lip extending underneath his chin.  Dark black curly hair framed his face as his dark eyes looked vacant, almost black as if there was no soul left.

"What have you done?"  Matthew clenched his body as his counterpart laughed, "Fulfilling our destiny. Look at us...we're gods."  Matthew slowly shook his head, "No...we were a mistake.  A freak accident, we were about to end all this.  Peace, we were going to have peace."

"Hahahaha!  Please, they were never going to give up.  I just gave them an incentive, nothing speaks volumes like collateral damage."  Matthew shook his head, unable to fathom what he was hearing from his former friend.

"Collateral damage?  You call this...? Matthew extended his arm, his hand pointing to the devastated town, crushed houses, cars, craters in the ground, small isolated fires.  "Collateral damage?  This was a massacre!  They were innocent civilians!"

"Ha, innocent, there is no such thing.  Neither side is innocent they hate us as much as we hate them, don't deny it.  If they has the chance they would have done the same to one of our towns."

Matthew angrily pointed his finger at him, "You don't know that.  Don't you dare try to justify what you did here as an act of attrition.  You-"

"Kosovo!"  Reyes interupted him, "You killed civilians in Kosovo or have you conviently forgot?"  He became quiet for a moment, "That's not fair.  That was an accident we were soldiers, Spartans.  We were following faulty intel."

Reyes smirked and shook his head, "Now who is trying to justify what they done?"  Matthew became quiet, lowering his head and sighed.  "I'm responsible for those deaths and I'll always have them on my mind.  You?...You'll never show any remorse for anything."

Matthew exhaled and tensed his body, taking a stance he glared at him with intent.  "You are going to come with me...or else."  Reyes raised his chin and grinned, his eyes lulling down to maintain contact with him.  "I guess it's going to be or else."

Reyes began to walk slowly towards him, his right fist clenched.  "Don't do this Reyes."  His pace quickened, the ground shaking as his feet smashed into the ground.  "Stop."  He began to sprint and raise his arm, aiming himself towards the defiant opponent.  "REYES!!!"  He went into a full blown run and raised his fist like a battering ram.

"Damn!"  Matthew broke into a run and matched with his right fist, the ground shook as the two giants thundered towards each other.


Reyes' arm muscles tensed preparing for the impact, his knuckles were white from clenching his fist so hard.


Matthew's bulging arm tensed as well, his eyes fixated at his charging opponent he clenched his teeth and with everything he had thrust his fist forward.


The two fists collided as thunder cracked and lightning lit up the sky when the two titans collided.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!"  Matthew sat up in his recliner, sweat pouring down his brow as a thunderstorm outside pelted rain on the window.  The TV still on set to a military history program as his chest raised up and down rapidly while his heart beating like a drum as he struggled to catch his breath.

He looked down at his right hand, the scars of a battle long ago were evident as he sighed heavily, laying his head back in relief.  "D-Daddy?"  He heard a very faint and fearful voice, looking at the hall he saw Mina.  She gripped the corner of the hall as tears ran down her cheeks, his screaming had woken her up and scared her.

"Mina.  Oh my God Mina.  Come here honey."  He lowered both of his hands like a scoop, his terrified daughter ran to him.  Scooping her up he brought her to his cheek and hugged her gently, both of them crying and sobbing.  After a few moments Mina broke the deathly silence that permeated the room.

"What happened daddy?  You were yelling and screaming, are you mad at someone?"  Matthew took a moment to calm down, his heart sank seeing Mina so terrified.  He brought his finger up and stroked her hair and back to reassure her.

"It was a bad dream sweetie, it's over now."  He wiped his eyes away and gently wiped away his terrified daughter's tears.  "Everything is OK now."  He gently transfered Mina down to his chest and put his hand over and held her lovingly, afraid to let go.

"Daddy, your heart is beating fast.  Are you sure you are feeling alright? Matthew looked down and gave her a crooked smile, trying to calm his nerves, "I'm sure sweetie."  He stroked her trying to get her nerves under control, taking his pad of his finger he put over her wrist and felt her quickened pulse.

"Daddys ok sweetie I just...had to get rid of a monster in my dream."  There was complete silence before Mina asked a questioned that stopped his heart, "You mean Rey-Rey-es?"  Matthew's blood ran cold, "Sweetie, how long were in the hall?"

She sniffled and hugged his chest as much as she could muster, "I heard you yell for someone and I came out to see if you were ok.  Who...who is he?  What did he do that made you mad?"  Matthew sighed, "I didn't want to tell you this until you were much older.  Sweetie, what do you know about giants?"  She racked her little brain, "Well they live on top of beanstalks and eat bad little boys and girls..."

"No, no, no.  Not fairytales.  Actual giants, like me?"  She got quiet and looked up at him, "I heard that there is only a few left.  Is that why you was yelling?"

Matthew frowned and held her close, he didn't have the heart to tell her he was the last true giant left.  "No sweetie...I have to tell you something.  You may be too young but I rather you hear it from me."

He gently sat her up and looked down at his inquisitive daughter, "It all began 17 years ago..."
Matthew and Mina: More bad dreams.
This one is a little sad (warning the beginning involves Matthew and another giant who doesn't have Matt's disposition).
The light shone through Matthew's room causing his eyes to flutter open and smile, turning in bed to the window he inhaled deeply and stretched before sitting up in bed.  After a bit he stood up leaving his pajama bottoms on and threw on his night shirt leaving it unbuttoned.  He figured today was going to be a lazy Saturday so he would look the part.

Heading our he turned towards Mina's room, lately her night terrors have stopped and she was sleeping in her bed.  He gently opened the door and peeked in, "Mina? Time for break-" He looked down at her empty bed, already made.  "Mina?"

He walked into the living room, looking at her recliner it was empty as well.  "Mina?"  He looked around and heard her soft voice, "In here daddy."  He turned towards the kitchen and smiled, walking in he saw his tiny daughter still in her yellow SpongeBob pajamas pouring an entire box of cereal into a large mixing bowl.

"What are you doing sweetie?" Matthew chuckled at his tiny daughter as she turned with a huge smile.  "I made you breakfast."  He looked over to see two more empty boxes as she began to pour an entire gallon of milk.  "So you did, thank you very much sweetheart."

Matthew reached down and gently scooped up her up, pursing his lips he kissed the top of her head and engulfed it, messing her hair.  "Daddy!"  She squealed happily in response before she kissed the tip of his nose, melting his heart in the process.

"Come on, let's head into the living room and watch cartoons and eat."  Mina giggled and nodded, sitting her back down she carefully collected her bowl while Matthew collected is, following her into the living room.

He sat down in his recliner and looked down at Mina.  "You want to sit in your recliner or up here with me?"  She smiled and giggled happily, "With you."  Matthew gently lowered his palm as she climbed on carefully not to spill her cereal.  Slowly he brought her up and laid his hand down on his leg.

Mina carefully climbed off his palm and sat up against his waist.  Matthew chuckled as he felt her tiny form scampering on his leg, the cotton feel of her pajamas against his skin from his open shirt tickled him.  She looked up happily and began to dig into her cereal.

"Easy sweetie, your going to get a tummy ache." He chuckled as she slowed down, Matthew turned on the TV and started looking for a show for Mina.  "SpongeBob!"  She exclaimed as he shook his head, smiling.  "You and Spongebob.  Ok, we'll leave it here."

Mina laid back against her father and happily ate her cereal.  Matthew slurped his while Mina tried to eat and watch cartoons at the same, sometimes missing her mouth eliciting a giggle from him.  With just milk left she lifted up the bowl and drank, looking up at her father with milk dripping down her chin.

"You look so cute."  He brushed his finger against her chin to wipe the milk off causing her to giggle.  "Your turn daddy."  He chuckled and took his bowl and easily gulped it down with ease.  "Mmmm, that was delicious."  He collected her bowl, adding it with his he sat them on the stand next to his recliner.

He gently stroked her hair, "Thank you for making me breakfast sweetie."  She reached out and hugged the tip of his finger, feeling her soft skin against his fingertip caused Matthew's heart to melt again. "I love you daddy."  He gently wrapped his fingers around Mina's back and brought her against his stomach and hugged her tiny form.

"I love you too my little munckin."  Mina giggled, "Daddy! I'm not a munchkin." She looked at her father's belly button and poked it causing him to laugh.  "Don't poke me there, I'm very ticklish."  Mina gave him a grin, "Poke, poke, poke."

She repeatedly poked him causing her giant father to squirm and laugh.  "Oh so it's a tickle war, eh?"  Matthew smiled down at her as she laughed, "You can't poke my belly button daddy, it's too small."  She lifted up her shirt and twirled, "See."

Matthew raised his eyebrow and grinned, "But I can do this."  He gently wrapped his fingers around her back and lifted her up, lying her on her back he took his fingertip and tickled the bottom of her tiny feet gently.

Mina screamed in delight and tried to talk in between fits of laughter.  "Daddy!  Stop!  That tickles!"  After a moment he brought her to his lips and smiled. "And I can also do this."  He pursed his lips and gently blew,  the air creating goosebumps all over her as she giggled and squirmed.

After a bit he stopped and let her calm down and catch her breath, she smiled up at him and brought her up to his face, Mina leapt forward and gave him a peck on his lips and snuggled up against them.  He smiled and kissed her tiny form, bringing her down to his chest she snuggled up against him and listened for his heartbeat, his huge hand covered her tiny frame.

Hearing it she laid there content as his fingers gently stroked her hair, both of them happy as he laid back a bit.  "I love you daddy."  He smiled back down at her and happily sighed, "I love you too sweetie."
Matthew and Mina: Lazy Saturday Morning (G/t)
Just a short with the two enjoying breakfast on a Saturday morning.
A small cry and a whimper caused Matthew to snap his eyes open from his slumber and stir.  Sitting up in bed his ears perked up and listened before he heard it again.

"Mina?" he slipped out of bed wearing his pajama bottoms he had foregone his night shirt and made a bee line for Mina's room.  He went out into the hall and made a quick right, the house was built to accommodate both him and Mina but her bedroom was massive for her, nearly as much space as a small house but to her father it was a small space.

He wanted to make it bigger but Mina loved it since it was right next to his.  Mina's tiny door was below, built into a sliding door, Matthew gently opened the door and peeked in.  "Mina? Honey?"

He heard a faint cry and sniffle, leaning down his eyes adjusted, her night light illuminated her bed.  Matthew could see a lump underneath her blanket, reaching down with his finger he gently lifted the blanket to see her tear filled eyes looking up at him.

"Bad dream again?"  Mina sniffled and nodded, she raised her arms indicating she wanted to be held.  Matthew quickly complied, gently scooping her up he brought her to his chest where Mina buried her face into his skin.  He could feel the wetness of her tears causing him to frown.

His heart sank, her night terrors had been getting worse as of late with it beginning a few weeks back.  Normally he would pick her up at school unless he couldn't make it and he would call her school and have them let her know.  However one day they had forgotten and Mina was stranded at school, frightened and alone she waited outside and cried.  When Matthew arrived she ran towards him and didn't want to let go.

Since then she had been having nightmares of running in the dark, terrified and alone, sometimes monsters would chase her.  Each one had been getting worse and it worried Matthew, looking down her felt her squirm.  "You want to sleep with daddy tonight?"

Mina nodded and sniffled as Matthew turned she yelled, "Blanket! Blanket!"  He quickly turned back and lifted it up.  "Sorry, sorry.", he brought it up to her as she grasped it with dear life and covered herself with it.  He went back to his room and sat on the edge of his bed, looking back down at his chest he saw the quivering figure under the blanket.

"Sweetie? It's ok, daddy is here."  His finger gently stroked her back through her blanket, after a bit she lifted her head out and looked up at her father's concerned face, her eyes red from crying she hugged his chest as much as she could, still shaking.

"Monsters again?" She nodded before looking up at her father's face, "I'm sorry daddy." Matthew looked at her confused, furrowing his brow, "What are you sorry for?"  Mina was quiet for a moment, very quietly she responded, "For waking you up."

He frowned and brought his finger down to comfort you, "You never have to be sorry for that sweetie."  She nodded and laid her head back down and there was silence for a few moments before Mina spoke up again.  "Daddy?  Do you miss momma?"

He looked down into her eyes, slowly a tear rolled down his cheek and gave her a smile.  "Every day sweetheart."  He gently stroked her hair and sniffled, "Every day."  His smile brightened her up eliciting a smile of her own, "What was momma like?"

He sighed heavily and looked up at the ceiling, trying not to cry more.  All these questions were bringing up memories, very sad and somber memories.  Mina thought she had angered him and was afraid to say anything, eventually he looked back down at her worried face.

He looked down at her with his tear filled eyes and cracked a smile and stroked her back, "She was very beautiful, sweet, caring and very loving.  In fact when I came back home from..."  He became quiet again and closed his eyes, eventually he worked up the nerve to finish.  "Well, when I came back home she didn't run away like everyone else, she smiled and ran towards me.  I felt so loved like I was...human."

Mina look confused, "Why did people run from you?  They don't when you walk around town."  Matthew smiled and chuckled, "Well sweetie I wasn't always this big.  In fact I one point I was just normal size, a little taller than your momma."

She was intrigued now, "You were? Then how did you get so big?"  He again became quiet and stared into her eyes, Mina could see something was very wrong.  She could see there was hurt in him, "D-D-Daddy?"  She sounded extremely worried now, he finally snapped out of a very painful memory.

"I'm sorry sweetie." He sniffled and stroked her hair, straightening her bangs trying to ease her concerns.  "It was a long time ago honey.  Maybe when your older I'll tell you everything that happened, but not now...ok?"

Mina nodded, she was afraid to upset him and hurt his feelings anymore, she knew she had struck a nerve.  "OK daddy.  I wish mommy was here so you could be with her again."

Matthew smiled, "Actually sweetie, momma is always with us."  Mina look confused, "Put your head down on my chest and listen.  Tell me what you hear."  She placed her ear against his warm chest and listened intently.

Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump

"It's your heart." Mina looked up at his warm smiling face, "That's right, as long as you think and remember her, she will always be with us.  For me she will always been in my heart, the first time I saw her my heart skipped a beat.  She will always be in my heart."

Mina looked down sad, "I can't remember what she looks like, I wish I could see her."  Matthew became still, leaning over with his free hand he reached into his night stand and pulled something out.

"I wanted to wait to show you this, I was going to have something made up for your birthday."  He brought his hand down and in his large palm was a small photograph, he angled his hand so it would float down to Mina.  She picked up the delicate picture and gasped.

It was her father's upper body, mostly his head and beside him on his shoulder sat a woman holding a baby.  "We had that picture taken when you were five months old.  I was so terrified that you two would fall.  I'm glad she talked me into it."

Mina stared at the photograph, at her mother's face, she looked so loving.  "She's beautiful."  Matthew smiled, "She was, in a lot of ways you remind me of her.  You look so much like her."  He brought is open palm back down, carefully Mina placed it back on his palm as he deposited it back into the drawer.

"Daddy, I feel strange, like a sensation in my chest."  Matthew grinned, he knew she was ok, more than likely seeing her mother caused her heart rate to elevate from the excitement.  "That means momma is in your heart like me."

Mina's eyes widened, "She...she is?"  He smiled and nodded, "Mmhmm and she'll help you out when you have a bad dream.  Whenever you get scared just think of your heartbeat and your momma will be there to keep you safe.  No monster would dare cross your mother."

"She could scare monsters?"  Mina was enthralled, "Oh yeah, she even scared me a few times so no monster will bother you when you think of her."  Mina smiled and nodded, she felt so protected and for Matthew he hoped he had put an end to her nightmares and happy that his little girl could reconnect with her mother in some way.

Mina yawned and slowly she began to wind down, "It's time for sleep sweetheart."  Seeing her yawn caused him to yawn as well, rumbling through his body and vibrated through her tiny body, causing her to giggle and lay her head down on his chest as his hand kept her warm and safe.

Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump

Mina smiled, "Night daddy.  Night momma, I love y-"  Her words trailed off followed by her gentle breathing, Matthew smiled down at her, "I love you too sweetie, sweet dreams." He gently stroked her hair causing her to smile.

Matthew laid back with his tiny daughter safe and warm against him, he looked up at the ceiling and sighed heavily.  "I love you too honey and I miss you so much."
Matthew and Mina: Bad Dreams (G/t)
My father/daughter characters from Reunion. Mina has moved in with her father but fear of losing him has given her nightmares. Matthew hopes he can help her end her nightmares.


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