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Matthew and Mina: The beginning of a new family.
The sound of birds chirping outside had awoken Matthew, his eyes groggily opened and looked down in his arms and saw the petite frame of Angel curled up asleep.  A smile formed on the edge of his mouth and exhaled happily through his nose causing the tiny form below to stir.
Angel yawned and looked up at Jake's shimmering eyes, her heart melted and body quivered at his gaze.  It has been a few months since they reconnected in the park and both had grown extremely fond of each other.  While they had decided to take things slow they did spend the weekends together.
There biggest concern however was the children and though they did get along their biggest concern was getting used to them as a couple.  Mina had enthusiastically embraced it and enjoyed hanging around Angel and looking up at her as a big sister but at times she did consider her like a mother.
Mina had fallen and skinned her knee while Matthew was at work one time and Angel immediately scooped her up in he
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Mature content
Kiki and her 'Daddy' (possible one shot) :iconjj36008:JJ36008 1 0
Matthew and Mina: A day at the park.
Spring had finally come and the park was filled to the brim with people.  From couples on a picnic to children running and playing, dog walkers, bicyclists and even the elderly feeding the birds they were all enjoying the pleasant Saturday afternoon.
They felt a slight tremor but continued about their activities until another one occured...then another...then another.  Each one becoming more frequent and powerful, they were in awe as he appeared over the tree lines.  Wearing a grey shirt and a pair of shorts they couldn't help but stare.
He stopped and bit his lip, his face felt flush as he surveyed the park.  "Um...hello?"  Matthew felt uneasy, he had not been back to this park in 20 years not since he was here with Katie, his future wife.  He stepped gingerly, watching his feet to make sure he wasn't stepping on something or worse someone.
He approached a group of children at a playground, they stared slack jawed as he stopped and smiled down at the grou
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Matthew and Mina: Revelations (G/t)
Mina listened to her father as he told her his story, of the war, the project that turned him into a super soldier, the incident at Kosovo and the ambush.  He told her of the chemicals that further augmented his body that turned him into what he was now.  An actual true giant.
Once in a while he would stop and his eyes would well up with tears, she realized how painful it was for her father to relive these memories.  She would rub his finger and snuggle it, looking up at him, a few times telling him that he didn't have to continue for his sake.
Matthew pushed though, he needed to get this off his chest.  He had held it in for far too long and he needed to purge himself.  When it came to Reyes and his escape and massacre he became truly somber.  He told her of the brutal fight between the two and became quiet for a moment and stared off into the distance, lost in time.
"Daddy?  What happened?"  After a bit he looked down at her concerned face but
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Project Spartan (Matthew's backstory)
June 25, 20XX
This is the incident report involving Project Spartan and it's consequences.  The war between the Eastern and Western Hemisphere began at the turn of the early 21st century.  No one knows how it started but once long allies deteriorated into enemies and long time enemies became new allies.
Because of fear of nuclear retaliation the larger of the nations refused to enter in earnest in the conflicts breaking out in smaller nations.  As a result skirmishes turned into full blown civil wars that the allied armies supplied weapons and personel to aid them and hopefully to acquire a new ally in the upcoming massive conflict.
With the Eastern armies gathering more strength the West and their allies enacted a once abandoned project.  "Project Spartan"  Once thought to raise genetically enhanced infants into supersoldiers, with the state of genetics at the time they were able to take "normal" people and enhance them.
There were 12 volunteers in the beginni
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Matthew and Mina: More bad dreams.
A storm loomed in the distance as Matthew cautiously moved through the devastated town.  He looked inside of a hole that was in the roof of a small home, he peered in and quickly turned away in horror.  The sound of thunder rolled down from the mountains, he looked up, gritting his teeth in anger.
"REYES!!!"  His voice echoed through the valley, it was silent before the thunder boomed and rain began to downpour, he stood there with his fists clenched.  "I'm here."  Matthew held his breath and turned, before him stood the 'man' he was here to stop.
The other giant had a sadistic grin plastered across his face with a fresh scar stretching from below his right eye, down through his lip extending underneath his chin.  Dark black curly hair framed his face as his dark eyes looked vacant, almost black as if there was no soul left.
"What have you done?"  Matthew clenched his body as his counterpart laughed, "Fulfilling our destiny. Look at us...we're gods."&
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Matthew and Mina: Lazy Saturday Morning (G/t)
The light shone through Matthew's room causing his eyes to flutter open and smile, turning in bed to the window he inhaled deeply and stretched before sitting up in bed.  After a bit he stood up leaving his pajama bottoms on and threw on his night shirt leaving it unbuttoned.  He figured today was going to be a lazy Saturday so he would look the part.
Heading our he turned towards Mina's room, lately her night terrors have stopped and she was sleeping in her bed.  He gently opened the door and peeked in, "Mina? Time for break-" He looked down at her empty bed, already made.  "Mina?"
He walked into the living room, looking at her recliner it was empty as well.  "Mina?"  He looked around and heard her soft voice, "In here daddy."  He turned towards the kitchen and smiled, walking in he saw his tiny daughter still in her yellow SpongeBob pajamas pouring an entire box of cereal into a large mixing bowl.
"What are you doing sweetie?" Matthew chuckled at hi
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Matthew and Mina: Bad Dreams (G/t)
A small cry and a whimper caused Matthew to snap his eyes open from his slumber and stir.  Sitting up in bed his ears perked up and listened before he heard it again.
"Mina?" he slipped out of bed wearing his pajama bottoms he had foregone his night shirt and made a bee line for Mina's room.  He went out into the hall and made a quick right, the house was built to accommodate both him and Mina but her bedroom was massive for her, nearly as much space as a small house but to her father it was a small space.
He wanted to make it bigger but Mina loved it since it was right next to his.  Mina's tiny door was below, built into a sliding door, Matthew gently opened the door and peeked in.  "Mina? Honey?"
He heard a faint cry and sniffle, leaning down his eyes adjusted, her night light illuminated her bed.  Matthew could see a lump underneath her blanket, reaching down with his finger he gently lifted the blanket to see her tear filled eyes looking up at him.
"Bad dre
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Reunion (G/T)
Mina Higgins was sitting in the park alone underneath a huge oak tree, resting up against it her head was in her hands sobbing.  The small 8 year old girl had tuned out to the world around her, beside her was a small backpack filled with some clothes and a few toys.  She had stopped to rest for a bit before going somewhere, anywhere but where she was now.
The small girl was tired off everything, she had been bullied at school constantly , she had no friends plus her family life wasn't a picnic either.  She never knew her parents so she lived with her aunt and uncle and even though they weren't abusive to her they had no time to really spend time with her.
Compounded by all this was her appearance, her long brown hair framed her tiny dimpled face and cute nose with green eyes that looked like emeralds, her only problem in her mind was her height.  She measured only 3'2" but she was perfectly peportioned for her size and had no medical problems, her doctor at first th
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Alone (G/T)
It had been a rough night, turning in his sleep the whole time he awoke late in the afternoon, sighing heavily he got off the cave floor and stretched his body. He let his thoughts collect and looked down at his biceps with veins popping up on them.  While most men would kill to have his body he didn't like how he got his, flashbacks running through his head. A government installation, medical tables, men in lab coats, needles, pain, rage, guards, he knew some of them died at his hands.  He shook his head trying to forget that awful moment, the next thing he remembered he was scaling the mountain climbing high to get away and hide.
Thankfully the mountain was treacherous, not many folks traveled it, the air was thin and the wind gusts made it difficult for helicopters to manuever.  While it was ideal for him to hide out all that time alone had gotten to him, it was a very lonely life nearly 6 years now.  He had nearly forgotten how to speak and had forgotten his nam
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A Tall Tale
Jana knew she should have told someone where she was going to be for the week.  Only idiots go for a week-long hike in the middle of an uninhabited Minnesotan forest alone and without telling anyone.  Now she was paying for it…dearly.
The ravine had simply appeared in front of her.  She would have been fine if the ground beneath her feet had not crumbled away, taking her with it.  Now she lay face down at the bottom of the ravine, her leg trapped beneath a boulder too massive for her to even hope to move.  Her brain did not seem to register any pain other than a dull throbbing yet.  Knowing the shock would soon pass, she desperately attempted to remove her backpack in order to find her phone while she could still function.  Succeeding in less than a minute, she dug through the pack and pulled out her phone.  She pressed the power button and stared at the now glowing screen.  With a whimper of despair, she let the phone drop to the grou
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Mature content
Not a Curse (oneshot?) :iconluvanna:Luvanna 17 9
Stressed -GT-
Her heart was pounding in her ears and the outer rim of her vision was red. Today had been a very stressful day for Adeline: whoever used the laundry machine tossed her load out sopping wet onto the floor, she was late to class because her car wouldn’t start, and to top it all off, she had bombed another test in Microbiology. She wanted to scream. She needed to scream.
Adeline trudged upstairs to her apartment with a huff, basically kicking her door shut behind her. Her usually empty apartment was lit up with dying glow of the evening sun and she took a deep breath, trying not to break down. She wandered over towards the giant couch in the middle of the room, dragging her messenger bag behind her.
She was done.
A giant figure laid curled up on her couch, much to her surprise. Her eyes widened to find Garret asleep above her, his favorite black and red dragon blanket covering his ginormous figure. Adeline could feel the tears prickling her eyes: he was perfect and he was in her ho
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Fingertip Fairy :iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 52 26
Poptart: The Beginning Ch2
Ms. Clutch quickly walked over to Adam and sat down on the desk next to him, a few papers in her hand. Adam looked at her anxiously before bringing the wiggling egg closer to his face.
“Oh God, oh God,” he whispered, trying to keep his hands steady as cracks began to form in the egg. After a good few minutes of shaking and cracking, a tiny hand poked through, then another, and together they worked larger chunks off. Soon, a head poked out as well, and oddly colored eyes stared up at Adam in amazement.
Adam stared back at the tiny creature, bewildered. It certainly didn’t look like the boy he envisioned. It-- she, had long pink hair, little fluffy brown wings on her head where ears would go, and a tiny brown feather in the place of a tail.
She tumbled out of the egg and sat down in Adam’s hand, gently running her small fingers across his skin. Her “ears” flicked up as he moved the egg shells onto the table, giving her free roam of his cupped hands.
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Coffee at Nine
BEEP! BEEP! “Shut uuup!” I hissed, slamming the snooze button on my alarm. “Five more minutes…”
I woke up and groaned, stretching my arms above my head. After a satisfying pop, I slumped back down and lazily opened my eyes, wetting my lips idly while I looked around.
I was greeted by a chiseled jaw line covered in stubble, blonde eyelashes, and a pointed nose. My eyes cracked open just a bit more. Now, I know what this sounds like. But, oooh but, I think I was about the size of the nose. I’m not crazy. I blinked rapidly and rubbed my eyes, praying I was still sleeping.
...he was still there... And he was hot. NO, like, I could feel heat radiating off him....Well, hot also-- I was maybe ten feet from his gigantic face. My eyes wandered from his face and his shoulders and... My face lit up red. He wasn't wearing a shirt. Oh god, was he naked? I couldn't see that far.
Suddenly he let out a terribly loud groan and as if in slo
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Can I be your present? :iconanimaker131:Animaker131 986 230 My icecream... :icondymx:DYMx 2,768 436 Storks Not Included :iconsaburox:SaburoX 947 50 Edward and Renesmee- Sleep... :iconinner-butterfly:Inner-Butterfly 2,374 302 Mario: Precious Bundle of Joy2 :iconsaiiko:saiiko 800 124 Concept art :iconayami6:Ayami6 162 31 Big Hearts--Magazine Promotional (Contest Entry) :iconspidersvore:SpidersVore 45 15 Flower :iconqrumzsjem:Qrumzsjem 1,174 66 Only Greetings :iconlilyflufflovenaga:LilyFluffLoveNaga 9 2 Pocket Full Of Sunshine :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 88 35


The sound of birds chirping outside had awoken Matthew, his eyes groggily opened and looked down in his arms and saw the petite frame of Angel curled up asleep.  A smile formed on the edge of his mouth and exhaled happily through his nose causing the tiny form below to stir.

Angel yawned and looked up at Jake's shimmering eyes, her heart melted and body quivered at his gaze.  It has been a few months since they reconnected in the park and both had grown extremely fond of each other.  While they had decided to take things slow they did spend the weekends together.

There biggest concern however was the children and though they did get along their biggest concern was getting used to them as a couple.  Mina had enthusiastically embraced it and enjoyed hanging around Angel and looking up at her as a big sister but at times she did consider her like a mother.

Mina had fallen and skinned her knee while Matthew was at work one time and Angel immediately scooped her up in her arms and held her.  Mina's view of Angel changed that day and though she would always miss her mom she was happy that Angel was like a mother too.

Jacob on the other hand was a different story though he did love playing with Mina and looked up to Matthew as a father figure, he was still afraid.  His biggest fear was of angering or disappointing Matthew even though he had assured Jacob multiple times he wouldn't.

"Morning honey." Matthew's voice was low enough to be heard without disturbing the kids but still enough to rumble through her body.  "Morning big man."  She leaned over and kissed his bare chest and caress him with her fingers, tracing them over his warm skin causing shivers up his spine.

The silk fabric of her gown tickled his skin while she pressed up against him, kissing him all over.  Matthew smiled and let out a small moan, bringing his finger down to her back.  She gasped as he gently stroked her side, flush with excitement she became weak in the knees.

His finger gently slid the fabric off her shoulder and exposing her black, lacy bra to his probing eyes as she let out an excited gasp.  She looked up at him, "Oh Matthew."  She leaned in and buried her face into his chest, his finger massaging her back and venturing down further.  He let out another small moan, "Angel."

Both of their eyes locked and their bodies shook with passion, his finger reached her tiny rear causing her to squeak with excitement.  "DADDY!!!"  They both looked at each other with disappointment but smiled, Matthew turned while Angel covered up looking down to see Mina rushing the bed in her SpongeBob pajamas.

"Hey honey."  Matthew laid his palm flat allowing her to climb on, bringing her up to the bed and gently depositing her between him and Angel.  Mina looked up at her smiling father then back to Angel with outstretched arms who held and cuddled Mina.  "Morning sweetie." 

Matthew looked down at the floor for Jacob but he was no where to be found.  "Mina?  Have you seen Jacob?"  She shook her head, Matthew looked at Angel with a concerned look and got out of bed and headed towards his room, knocking on the wall gently.

"Jacob?  Buddy?  You ok?"  He waited and listened he heard a slight whimper and slowly entered his room, looking down he saw him covered up head toe in his blanket.  "Hey buddy."  Matthew bent down and reached out with his finger to comfort him, "Bad dream buddy?"  Jacob could only reply meekly, "No." He began to tremble under his sheets.

"Buddy what's wrong?"  Matthew brought his finger down to his back desperate to make him feel better when he noticed a wet spot in the sheets.  He then understood why Jacob was so upset, "It's ok buddy, it's ok."  Matthew gently scooped up the cowering child blanket and all and brought him to his chest. 

Carefully he put his hand across Jacob's back and held him against his chest, cradling him as Jacob sobbed.  "I'm, I'm sorry Mr. Towers, I didn't mean to -"  Matthew's hand gently patted him, "Shhhh, it's ok little one, it's ok.  Accidents happen."

Matthew and Angel had been worried, within the last few months since they been seeing each other Jacob had been having more accidents.  "Come on little guy, let's get you cleaned up."  He turned with Jacob in hand and headed back to the bedroom comforting him the whole time with his finger, gently caressing his back

As they entered the room instantly Angel seemed concerned but was reassured as Jacob gently shook his head and mouthed, "It's ok.".  He sat the tiny figure down on the counter top and put a plug in the sink and drew some nice, warm water.  Gently he began to undress him as the boy blushed, "Don't worry Jacob, nothing I haven't seen before." His deep fatherly chuckle put him at ease as his large hand gently slid him into the warm water and handed him a sliver of soap.

"I'll be right back." Matthew headed out and was stopped by Mina, "Daddy? Is Jake ok?"  He turned and smiled, "Yes honey, he's just not feeling to well.  He'll be ok."  Mina nodded as Angel smiled, she felt at ease knowing Matthew was understanding and caring.  He brought back a new pair of pajamas and took the tiny boy out of the warm water, instantly he begin to shiver from the air but Matthew quickly scooped him up and covered him up with a large washcloth that engulfed the tiny figure.

After a few moments he dried him off and helped him get dressed, lifting him up to his chest and holding him after a bit he looked down as the child looked up with tear filled eyes. "T-T-Thank you Mr. Towers."  Matthew just smiled, "Matthew little one, call me Matthew."

"Oh." Jacob lowered his head a bit with an obvious sadness to his voice.  "What's wrong buddy?"  He looked up and sniffled, "N-N-Nothing."  Matthew looked concerned, his finger stroking his hair, "Tell me little buddy.  Are you afraid I'm going to be mad?"

Jacob nodded causing Matthew's heart to pain, "Awwww, don't be little guy.  I promise, now come on tell me."  The small boy became deathly silent for a moment before a quiver came across his lip, "Can?....Can I call you....daddy sometime?"

Matthew looked shocked at first but a loving smile came across his face as his heart warmed up.  "Of course little one, come here."  He lifted him up to his cheek as Jacob lunged for his cheek, tears rolling down his cheeks.  "Please don't ever leave daddy."

Matthew became still and it all started to click in his head, the reason why he had been having so many accidents...he was scared of him leaving like his biological father.  He gently stroked the tiny boy's back trying to calm him, "I won't little one, I promise."

Jacob was afraid to let go, hugging his cheek with all his strength. "I....I love you daddy."  Matthew smiled and sighed happily, hold him tight but gentle against his warm cheek.  "I love you too little guy."
Matthew and Mina: The beginning of a new family.
Matthew and Angel are becoming closer and so are their children.

Sorry for the delay of this, I've been working on this for a few weeks and after several writers blocks I powered through it. Sorry if it's not up to par.
You know that small voice in your head that tells you that you shouldn't say that because it's mean and insensitive? Well mine has been replaced by Sam Kinnison screaming, "SAY IT! SAY IT!"

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Ok, ok.  Fair warning this by far is not like my other stories  (Matthew and Mina).  I got this idea from a video I saw and as Doc Brown would so eloquently put "Somewhere along the line, this time line skewed into this tangent."

Yes, I was looking on a porn site (yes I know I'm a man and honestly it's the internet what the hell else was it created for?) and looking for videos of shrunken women being gently cared for which shockingly doesn't exist (sarcasm :} ) and an ageplay video came up.  Now I've heard of this many years ago but mostly middle age to older men acting like a baby while Amazonian women coddled them.

I've always steered clear of this but this video was far different, this was a nearly 30 second video of this cute 20 year old woman laying down in her stomach in front of the camera, suckling on a pacifier and looking so sweet innocent.

Again before judging  I looked at this at a G/t perspective and thought it was incredibly cute and wanted to hold her and cuddle her.  Well I'll be damned if my brain just decided it wanted me to come up with a story.  I try to avoid it and play For Honor and help the Knights retake lost lands but my damn brain wouldn't give up (Sorry guys and gals.. Dues Vult!) and spent most of my day off churning this out.

Before you go on I added the mature tag because it deals with a topless woman but does not have any sex.  This is about two consenting adults who love each other and wanting to make each other happy.

Yes it does involve a diaper and there is a wetting but it's off screen and that's it so again fair warning if this doesn't appeal to you then click back out and I apologize for my damn demented mind that wouldn't give up.  Hoping this will shut it the hell up, if anyone is still reading this please enjoy and would like to know you opinions on this and no, this is not a new thing for me but I have to admit that video was so damn cute....damnit brain!


Katie Young was by all intensive purposes a normal 20 year old, standing at only 5' she was very petite weighing only 90 pounds.  Her long blond hair framed her face with beautiful ocean blue eyes that only enhanced her cuteness.

The light flooded into her room causing her eyes to flutter open illiciting a large smile on her face waiting for her 'boyfriend' knowing he would be coming soon.  This is where things would seem strange as she began to suckle on the pacifier in her mouth giving her a warm feeling.

Katie was into ageplay, pretending to be a little girl by suckling on a pacifier, sleeping with teddy bears and wearing diapers.  Normally she and her boyfriend Ben would just go about the day like two 'normal' folk, but on the weekends they would indulge in their fantasy.  Though between the two they never truly acted on this in a sexual way.  When they would make love as Ben and Katie it was sensual and passionate but as Kiki and her 'Daddy' it was more a loving and cuddling relationship and they made sure to keep the two separate.

She had thoughts of it before she met him and dabbled with it when she turned 18 by posting videos of her on the internet.  The were low key and never garnered a lot of views it still excited her that some people had been viewing them.  A few months later she met Ben, tall, handsome, he had short brown hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes.  Instantly she was swooped off her feet, both literally and figuratively.  Ben stood 7'5" but he wasn't lanky or lumbering, he was thick, muscular and had a grace to his large body.

The only obstacle at first was the age difference: Katie was 18 while Ben was 38 though he still looked as if he was in his twenties.  They didn't let it stand in the way and both grew very fond with each other.  Katie hated to admit it though but while she was attracted to his sense of humor and his loving and caring attitude, the fact he was so handsome and older she did see him like a father figure when she fantasized as Kiki.

She hid her feelings about it from him afraid he leave her but she kept private videos for herself.  She carefully hid her diapers, toys and pacifiers whenever he came over and for a few months Ben was none the wiser.  That changed one day when she called him crying, her home had been broken into and ransacked.

He rushed over and held her, trying to calm her down when he noticed the box of diapers that was thrown in the corner.  She noticed his stare and broke down, confessing everything: her fantasies, her videos even her thoughts about him.

She cried in his arms afraid of what he might say or do, after a few moments she looked up at his smiling face.  He ran his fingers through her hair, so lovingly and gentle.  Katie was speechlees, unsure of what to do or say but Ben never got angry.  He insisted she stay the weekend with him to be on the safe side.

That weekend Ben and Katie did some exploring and by Monday morning Kiki was a regular staple.  As time went on the got more serious and moved in along with Kiki and every weekend she would come as visit her 'Daddy'.  By the week though Katie would return and they would be back to being a regular couple.

Ben would buy Katie presents but would also buy Kiki new toys, cute clothing and pacifiers that she would tear into during the weekend.  As time went on they progressed from simple ideas to days where Ben would take care of Kiki's every needs.

Normally though this was only a weekend thing but they both took a two week vacation for Ben's 40th birthday and when Katie found out Ben had the idea for Kiki to visit her Daddy for those two weeks, she became weak in the knees.

It was day one and she rolled over and hugged her teddy, sighing happily she heard the door open and turned and smiled with the pacifier still in her mouth.  "There's my beautiful girl."  Ben leaned down and kissed her on her forehead, Kiki raised her legs and kicked gleefully.

"My my, someone is excited to see their daddy.  We're going to have some fun for a few weeks aren't we?"  She smiled and giggled only responding with a nod.  She would never speak but communicate from something as simple as a nod to even a cute scrunching of her nose.

Quickly she stood up and hugged him around his neck, his arm laid underneath her bottom supporting her.  "So affectionate aren't we?"  He smiled and held her close, grinning he looked into her shimmering eyes.  "Did someone wet their diaper?"  She looked away sheepishly causing him to chuckle, carefully he laid her on her back and undid her diaper.

"I say so.  You soaked them honey."  Katie blushed profusely as her 'Daddy' began to clean her with wet cloths, wiping around her legs and hairless crotch, making sure she shaved the day before to further the illusion.  After a few moments he finished cleaning and put on a new diaper.

"There we go.  You hungry sweetie?"  She smiled and nodded, being placed on the floor she followed him into the kitchen, picking her up he placed her in a high chair he built for her.  Ben sat down next to her, opening a can of strained banana baby food he scooped up some in a spoon and took out her binky.

"Ready for the airplane?"  He made whirling noises and moved the spoon around in the air, Katie giggled and opened her mouth happily humming as Ben feed her.  Occasionally she would dribble down her chin causing him to chuckle.  "Such a messy girl.  Tell you what, if you behave today there will be a special treat tonight after bath time.  OK?"

Katie stared for a moment, A treat?  What on Earth has he got planned?  She nodded and finished her breakfast as the rest of the day went by uneventful, occasionally she would take a nap or watch cartoons and of course the occasional diaper changes but all of them from wetting.

"Come on honey, it's bath time."  Katie looked up at him with glee in her eyes, he bent down and lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the bathroom and started drawing the water while pouring in a small solution of bubble bath.  He sat her back down and gently lifted the shirt over her head, the cool air on her A cup breasts caused her nipples to stiffen.

He smiled while when taking down her diaper she put her hands on her chest and appeared flush.  Ben kissed her on her forehead, "You are too cute."  He placed her into the tub and gently washed her back while she splashed water all over, getting his shirt and pants wet.

"Oh sweetie, look what you did."  He said in a mockingly angry tone.  "You got daddy's clothes wet.  Well I guess I'll have to take them off."  Katie's eyes grew big, What?  He's never done that before.  Is he trying to mess with me or test me?  Ben stood up and removed his shirt, for 40 years old he was well defined: a broad chest with a sprinkling of chest air, very toned arms and a well defined abdomen.

He preceded to slide his jeans off, Katie's eyes ogled his muscular calves and thighs before turning to the treasue trail and finally to the bulge that threatened to break through it's confines.  Her cheeks were bright red and looked away, she heard a chuckle and nearly jumped out of her skin when he began to wash her back again.

She didn't know how to act, while she was certainly playing as Kiki she wondered if he knew that.  He put a dab of shampoo in her hair and with his large hands ran through her wet hair, lathering it.  "Lean back honey."  She hesitated and tilted her head back while he scooped up water to wash her hair.

"There we go.  You ready to get out?"  She nervously nodded and almost let out a yelp when his hands reached under her armpits and lifted her out, placing her down on the floor before a large towel covered her head.  He dried her hair and body while the entire time she remained dumbstruck at Ben's motives.

Is he teasing me?  Trying to see if I break character?   He finished and took his hand and ruffled her hair smiling, "You are so cute."  She caught herself staring at his chest and leaned forward and hugged him, her stiffened nipples pressed into him.  She bit her lip, trying desperately to stay into character.

Why am I acting like this?  I just saw this man naked and made love to him a few days ago but I'm eyeing him like a school girl's first crush.   He smiled and stroked her hair, "Feel better honey?"  She looked up sheepishly and nodded, "Good, now let's get dressed and we can have a special treat..."  He slipped on her long night shirt and fastened her diaper.  "Pizza."

He brought her out to the living room and sat her on the couch, slipping on his pajama bottoms he decided to remain shirtless and called in the order and sat next to her.  "You excited for pizza?"  She looked up at him, her binky back in her mouth and smiled.

They sat and watched television, Katie's head rested against him but she did not notice his attention was elsewhere, looking out the window he saw headlights from the pizza man, grinning he stroked her back.

"Oh no, this shirt is dirty sweetie, I must have forgotten to wash it."  It was an obvious lie, he had washed it the day before but Katie didn't realize it, sitting back up he raised her shirt and sat there with just her diaper and binky.  "Wait here while I get another."  He kissed her forehead and walked back to her room as she sat there calmly.

Knock knock "Pizza Brothers, got a large meat lovers."  Katie stared at the door and started to slide off the couch when Ben called for her.  "Sweetie? Can you grab the door?"  Her eyes nearly bugged out her skull, He can't be serious...can he?  The man knocked again, "Sweetie?"  She looked back through the hall and the door when he knocked again.  "Kiki, get the door."  He sounded a bit more insistent this time.

She cautiously walked to the door and opened it, "Yeah, large meat lovers with tax will be $8.75 -"  The man trailed off when he saw this topless woman, wearing a diaper and suckling on a pacifier with her eyes transfixed.  Ben stepped in and quickly Katie hid behind him, "Sorry about that."  Ben began to pay the man as he looked at the figure peering out from behind him.

"Don't mind her, she is very shy.  Aren't you sweetie?"  She darted behind him again causing Ben to chuckle as the pizza guy turned around after being paid and tried to figure out what just happened.  "Pizza time."  He smiled and sat her back on the couch while he cut up her piece into little bites.  "There we go."

Ben sat next to her and tore into his piece while Katie stared up at him.  Her heart was beating like a drum and her entire body felt like she was on fire after being seen by a stranger in just her diaper.  He looked back down and straightened up her bangs, "Eat up sweetie, then we'll get you ready for bed."

Bed?  But you...I....He.  Her brain was misfiring like crazy, on one hand she felt embarrassed by the man seeing her like that but on the other she loved it.  Looking up in his loving eyes she stood up and took our her binky, she wanted to talk so bad.  She kissed him on the cheek and blushed, putting her hands down in her lap she acted innocently and twirled side to side.

Ben smiled, leaning in he kissed her forehead and sat her on his lap and gave her the plate.  "I love you too sweetie."  Katie started to eat while Ben ran his fingers through her hair.  "You were a good girl tonight, maybe tomorrow we can try out something.  Daddy built you a stroller."  He smiled while Katie froze, her eyes as wide as saucers while her heart began to beat furiously.  Stroller?
Kiki and her 'Daddy' (possible one shot)
Hopefully people will enjoy this if not I apologize, again my brain wouldn't stop until I did this but I'm hoping people out there will enjoy the loving nature between the two.
Anybody playing For Honor? The Knights need to rally, things aren't looking well.
Spring had finally come and the park was filled to the brim with people.  From couples on a picnic to children running and playing, dog walkers, bicyclists and even the elderly feeding the birds they were all enjoying the pleasant Saturday afternoon.

They felt a slight tremor but continued about their activities until another one occured...then another...then another.  Each one becoming more frequent and powerful, they were in awe as he appeared over the tree lines.  Wearing a grey shirt and a pair of shorts they couldn't help but stare.

He stopped and bit his lip, his face felt flush as he surveyed the park.  "Um...hello?"  Matthew felt uneasy, he had not been back to this park in 20 years not since he was here with Katie, his future wife.  He stepped gingerly, watching his feet to make sure he wasn't stepping on something or worse someone.

He approached a group of children at a playground, they stared slack jawed as he stopped and smiled down at the group.  "Hello little ones, I hope I'm not bothering you but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind another playmate?"  They looked at each other puzzled thinking he was referring to himself, they watched as his enclosed hand lowered down to them.

After a moment a pair of tiny hands was gripping the side of his forefinger followed by a very tiny face peering from the side.  When Mina caught a glimpse of her tiny peers she ducked behind his fingers.  "Mina?  We talked about this.  I want you to make some friends."  She looked up at him, her emerald green eyes looked so sad.

Matthew knew she was very shy and after being picked on school for her height she would rather avoid people.  He brought his finger down and straightened her bangs as she slowly nodded, "OK daddy."  She cautiously slid off his palm and began to walk to the group of children who were watching in awe.  She got halfway there before she turned back to her father.

"Go on honey."  He said smiling which gave her a reassuring feeling, she walked up to the group and looked at the nervously.  "H-H-Hi." They were unsure of what to do, getting more nervous she once again turned to her father who was now walking away to find a spot to sit.  She lowered her head and sighed, "Hi."

Mina picked her head up and stared into a blue shirt, looking up she saw a young boy's smiling face looking down at her, he looked to be around the same age but was much taller.  "H-Hi."  He smiled and blushed, his pink cheeks framed by his blonde hair and blue eyes.  "My name is Jacob.  What's yours?"  She twirled side to side, her cheeks flush as she sheepishly answered, "Mina."

"Was that your dad? That's cool.  Do you think maybe sometime I can ride in his hand one day?"  Mina giggled, "I'm pretty sure he will."  She looked down, biting her lip and trying to hide her huge grin.  Jacob smiled and extended his hand, "Come on, let's play a game.  Mina took his hand and giggled, "Ok, what are we going to play?"

"Let's play tag."  Mina's eyes lit up, "I love tag, I'm the best in the world."  Jacob grinned, "Oh, I think I am.  You want to know something neat?"  She nodded and leaned in to listen, suddenly his finger tapped her shoulder and broke into a full blown run.  "TAG!  You're it!"  She frowned and ran after him, "No fair!"  They chased each other, both gleefully yelling.

Matthew turned and smiled, it made him feel better seeing his daughter make a new friend.  He continued his way to the parents gathered nearby watching their children play.  They all stared up at Matthew's giant form, waving at them.  "Hey folks, sorry hope I'm not interupting."  They all sat there silent, some staring others looking away and murmuring amongst themselves.

"I'll over..."  Matthew took the hint and saw a large oak tree nearby and walked over to it.  He carefully sat so as not to cause the ground to shake and make sure nothing was underneath him as well.  He sat cross legged and looked back over at the group of parents, some still staring and whispering.

He sighed and turned his attention back towards his daughter and her new friend as they chased each other around the playground.  Matthew laid against the tree and stared up at the clouds for a moment before he felt a presence nearby.  He looked down to his left and notice a young woman staring up at hin, "Do you mind if I sit beside you?"

Matthew was dumbfounded and stumbled a bit with his words, "Uh, s-s-sure, l mean no, I mean..."  He never felt so dumb before, he wasn't used to be approached by people and it threw his mind for a loop.  The young woman let out a giggle and understood what he meant sitting down beside him.

She looked up and smiled before turning her attention back to the playground. "She yours?"   Matthew smiled and nodded, "Yes, her name is Mina.  Which one is yours?"  The woman chuckled, "That boy she is chasing, his name is Jacob."  Matthew smiled, "Handsome boy."  The woman smiled, "Thank you and I have to say your daughter is a real cutie."

Matthew nodded, "Thank you.  He's a big fella, how old is he?  10? 12?"  The woman turned back and got silent for a moment, "He's 6."  Matthew's eyes widened, "6?  He's going to be a big fella."  The woman chuckled, "Oh I know, he is already a handful now."  They both chuckled, "I know how you feel.  I hate to say it but Mina has me wrapped around her finger."

They both chuckled, "My name is Matthew.  Matthew Towers."  He offered his finger down as she shook it, "My name is Angelina Williams."  Matthew's brows furrowed as he racked his brain, "Williams? Williams? Angel?  Little Angel Williams?"  She chuckled, "Yep, that kid you used to babysit all grown up."

Matthew let out a laugh that everyone in the park heard, "I remember, you used to play tag and as I recall you were impossible to catch even for someone like me."  Angel blushed, "Well, now you might be able to catch me easy."  Matthew chuckled and turned back to watch Mina still chasing Jacob.

"Well if he is anything like you Mina might have her hands full."  They both chuckled, "So how have you been?  I never saw you around town all this time."  Angel shook her head, "Me and Jacob moved back six months ago, we still are getting settled in."  Matthew nodded, "If you don't mind me asking, where's Jacob's father?"

Angel became quiet, "He's not in the picture."  He bit his lip, "I'm sorry."  She smiled and shook her head, "Don't be, I'm glad.  He didn't want anything to do with me or Jacob.  The second I told him I was having his child he left." Matthew sat there for a minute, wanting to ask her a question but not sure how to ask her without offending her.

"Angel?....How old?..."  She looked up at him.  "I was 16 when I got pregnant.  I never thought I could do it but he is so precious I don't know I could live without him."  Matthew couldn't help but smile, "So where is your wife?  I remember you and Katherine Fellows used to hang out."

Matthew nodded, "Yeah we still dated and a year after the war we got married."  Angel smiled warmly, "Well I hope I'm not going to cause any trouble talking with you.  Not sure if she is the jealous type."  There was an awkward silence before Matthew spoke up, "You don't have to worry about that."  Angel shifted a bit, "Did you two get divorced?"

Once again there was am awkward silence, "She...she...she was killed in a car accident when Mina was six months old."  Matthew's chest heaved a bit as his voice cracked.  "A truck driver had a heart attack and died at the wheel, he hit her broadside.  They said she never knew or felt when it happened."

Angel reached out and stroked his thumb, she fought back tears when she saw him tremble a bit.  "I'm so sorry.  I'm so so sorry."  She hugged the end of his thumb and buried her face against it.  After a moment she shook when his fingertip stroked her back, she looked up at his tear filled eyes as he tried to smile.

"Thank you."  He could barely speak as a tear rolled down his cheek, Angel climbed on his hand and brought her up to his chest.  She leaned against his chest with his large hand holding her gently, both of them needing each other's comfort.

"Daddy?"  They both quickly broke their embrace and turned to see Mina and Jacob staring at them.  "Mommy, is everything ok?"  The two little ones had a look of worry on their face.  "Yes honey, mommy is just catching up with an old friend."  Matthew smiled and lowered hid hand down to them, Mina quickly climbed on but Jacob was uncertain.  "Go on sweetie, he's nice."

Jacob climbed on with Mina and soon he was holding all three.  "Tell you what, how about I buy everyone ice cream?"  The two children responded with a happy yell, turning towards a smiling Angel, "Is it a date?"
Matthew and Mina: A day at the park.
Matthew takes Mina to hopefully meet some new friends, unaware he is about to reconnect with someone from his past.


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